Easy to care, allergy-free living wall that purifies and humidifies air

Meet Naava, AI-powered Living Green Wall.

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Aesthetics & Design

Naava's design highlights plants' own beauty. Soilless growth medium & carefully selected plants cause no allergies and harbour no bacteria common to soil.

The end result is both practical and beautiful.

Carefree experience

Maintaining the green wall is easy - all you have to do is fill the water tank.

Our offers include service & guarantee, ensuring together with our automated technology that the green wall looks great and stays healthy.

Health & Productivity

Naava removes harmful chemicals and optimizes moisture levels, eliminating constraints that poor indoor air imposes on your health and performance.

Long-term, Naava is an investment that pays for itself.

Would you like to know more?

Download product brochure


Learn more about the perks, such as: biophilia, optimized air humidity, air biofiltration and improved acoustics.

Breathing clean air makes you smarter, healthier, and more productive.


We offer free-standing and wall-mounted versions, two-sided Duos, and unique tailor-made Designer walls.

Our brochure contains more technical details and examples of above models.

Science & technology

Product brochure summarizes the key research findings and our technological base into an easily digestible form.

Naava Service

Together with the automated systems, Naava Service ensures that the green wall looks and stays healthy. Our brochure offers more details on what is included in Naava Service.

Take a step forward

New to Naava? The easiest way to learn more is by checking out our product brochure. You may also REQUEST A QUOTE OR PRICING / CONTACT US. 

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