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Currently, Naava air is enjoyed at AstraZeneca, City of Stockholm, Danske Bank, Forbes, GE Healthcare, Finnair, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki Airport, IBM, JCDecaux, Radisson Blu, Scandic, Silja Line, Stockholm School of Economics, Vincit and in over 300 other companies and organizations in the Nordics.

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Passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport can now enjoy the largest air purifying green wall in the world. While waiting for departure, passengers get a chance to enjoy the fresh air and connection to nature indoors.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with a chance to feel refreshed during their travels, even if it’s only for a little while. This rather ambitious goal in terms of an airport environment guided our decisions. While conducting the larger renovation of the space, we wanted to bring in an air purifying green wall, specifically to the gate area, so that it is close to the passengers.”

Johanna Laakso, Customer Experience Manager

What models are in action?

  • Helsinki-Vantaa airport, public area
  • Model: Naava Designer
  • Measurements: 9.6 m x 2.7 m (31.5 foot x 8.9 foot)
  • 2 Naava One’s at the information center/parking services

Why did Finavia invest in Naavas?

Naava came in to replace the previous glass wall that was dividing the space. Passengers have taken note of the innovative solution. According to surveys, they have been extremely happy with the renewed gate area and especially with the smart green wall. Naavas also please the staff at the airport.

Logo Sokos

Sokos is a national department store chain in Finland. Constant improvement, understanding the needs of today’s customers and offering new experiences are their core values.

“There are all sorts of things floating around in the air of the cosmetics department. We wanted to build this area in a way that allows everyone to feel well and safe here, not irritated by fragrances.”

Satu Ylitalo, Sales Manager, Cosmetics

What models are in action?

Four 270 cm high and 120 cm wide Naava Designers attached to pillars create a welcoming gateway to the world of natural beauty. Naavas are customized for the premises by adding light wooden cases.

Why did Sokos invest in Naavas?

The cosmetics department was renewed to meet world class standards. Naavas were selected to represent the values of natural wellbeing and to create a beauty oasis, a sub-department of cosmetics.

Logo Hanken

Hanken is a leading stand-alone business school both in Finland and in the whole northern Europe. With its long traditions, the university offers education of the highest quality. Hanken has also set these same standards for its premises.

“Naavas portray our interest in creating a high quality study environment.”

Karen Spens, principal

What models are in action?

The students and staff enjoy Nordic, forest fresh air indoors. The placements of Naava models were strategically planned with the help of architects and both one and two sided models were used to deliver the best impact. In total, Hanken has 34 Naavas in their two campus areas. The Naavas can be found in the library and cafeteria, as well as in hallways and some lecture rooms.

Why did Hanken invest in Naavas?

A vibrant and fresh study environment gives the students extra energy during long days of studying. The students and staff can enjoy forest fresh air throughout the campus.

Logo Vincit

Vincit, a pioneer in software design, based in Finland and the US, is Europe’s best place to work according to GTPW. These professionals of future’s technology trust in the combination of nature and engineering in providing the best working environment.

“Naavas are interesting because they are not just green plants. There is a lot of Finnish high technology inside of them and that suits a company like us very well.”

Mikko Kuitunen, CEO

What models are in action?

The home of the software company is filled with fresh air provided by 6 standard sized Naavas.

Why did Vincit invest in Naavas?

The premises, known as Vincity, highlight the company’s innovative culture. Naavas ensure that Vincity is the best possible working environment where ground-breaking solutions are created.

Logo Ministry of the Environment

The ministry, striving for sustainable future, renovated their premises to set standards for an innovative and visually attractive work environment.

“Indoor air was a special focus in the renovation of the ministry’s premises. In addition to the visuality of the green wall, the solution also purifies and freshens the air.”

Kimmo Takamaa, Development Manager

What models are in action?

Naava Designers are located in the common areas where both the employees and the visitors have a chance to enjoy fresh air and nature’s touch. With the height of 4 m and the width of 1,5 m, Naava Designer welcomes everyone to the lobby, while a 2 m high and 6 m wide Designer is the centerpiece of the common area.

Why did Ministry of Environment invest in Naavas?

Harnessing nature’s own intelligence fits the Ministry’s mission perfectly.

Logo Svea Ekonomi

A leading Nordic financial and administrative services provider invests boldly in the wellbeing of their employees. The high rankings in Finland’s Great Place to Work shortlist, 6 years in a row, reflect the values of the company.

“Before our meeting room was an unenjoyable place to spend time in after just one hour’s meeting. With Naava, the situation is completely different”

Jukka Rytkönen, Head of Finance

What models are in action?

A work environment enhancing wellbeing and productivity was created by placing one 2 m high and 2,5 m wide Naava Designer in the meeting room, and one standard sized Naava in the open office.

Why did Svea Ekonomi invest in Naavas?

Wellbeing is one of Svea Ekonomi’s key values. Healthiness and happiness of the employees builds the success of the company.

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