Smart Green Wall Brings Nature Into Urban Home

Find out how our Head of Customer Experience and Service Design Eeva created herself an oasis in Helsinki.

At Naava, everyday life is bustling and ever-changing, and the pace is rapid. That’s why Naava’s Head of Customer Experience and Service Design Eeva Niemelä wanted her home to be a safe space of serenity with everything necessary and nothing excessive. 

"To me, a home has to please my eye, as looking at beauty makes me feel calm and relaxed, yet inspired."

I wanted to live in a place that was close to the hustle and bustle of the city, yet also close to nature. I wanted to look outside and see lots of living greenery, and ideally the sea, too. I wanted to hear the wind, the rustling leaves of trees, the chirping of birds and the waves of the sea.

Although you can see and hear nature from the balcony, I wanted to get even closer to it. Nature makes you feel lively and reinvigorated but it didn’t quite reach inside the apartment in a tangible way. Naava, however, brings that same feeling indoors.

The smart green wall brings nature indoors.

From pungent and unpleasant to fresh and homey

The apartment was renovated entirely. Walls were removed to let light freely roam around the space. All of the surfaces were redone and painted. The only ones left in place were the closets in the hallway and heaters, but they were painted as well.

You can only imagine the pungent smell of paint and other materials after the renovation. After the arrival of Naava, the air became fresh again. The swift change from the smells of a renovated urban apartment to a fresh home made the apartment feel completely different.

Fresh air reaching every corner

I wanted to be able to see Naava from almost every corner of the apartment: when walking in through the hallway, from the combined living and bedroom area and from the dining table. As all the other colors of the apartment are very neutral, Naava’s vibrant green leaves bring a pop of color into the apartment.

Naava was placed in the center of my home, opposite to the bed. As everyday life can take a real toll on you, recovery has to be top quality. That’s why it is important to invest in the quality of sleep and Naava really helps with that.

Naava is the last thing I see when I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. Mornings are much livelier with Naava. I can rest assured that Naava brings in naturally pure air and humidifies the air day and night.

The smart green wall's lighting is adjustable.

Naava also reminds me to go to sleep as its lights switch off precisely at ten in the evening.
The lighting can be adjusted according to your preferences.  

Minimalistic design as a foundation for a Nordic home

I chose to decorate my apartment with the most harmonic and natural shades and materials. I enjoy an abundance of light, which is why I wanted to create a light atmosphere with the choice of flooring and wall materials. At the moment I don’t even have blinds covering the windows, as I love the circadian rhythm of natural light.

A soft contrast was created with the charcoal black color of the Naava and the kitchen furniture. A matte black reminds me of calming rock and it gives the apartment a little edge. I also used birch veneer in the open shelves of the kitchen. The top cupboards are white to maintain a light overall look.  

The kitchen plays with the contrast of light and dark.

The floor is Finnish larch parquet with a white varnish with knots. I wanted it to have a homey and authentic feel. The parquet has no harmful formaldehyde in the glue used.  

I favored natural materials and principles of sustainability in other materials and furniture as well. White varnished pine and birch, cotton, bamboo… Naava is in the center of the apartment.

An open floor plan and optimal placement of Naava ensure naturally clean air to reach every corner of the home.

Classic furniture that stands the test of time pleases my eye. Old glass items from my grandmother and mother-in-law also bring something extra to the home. I also like art, and nature is present in many of the paintings on my walls. Surprisingly, green has become my favorite color.

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