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Euler Hermes

Helsinki, Finland

Credit insurance company Euler Hermes wanted their new office to be functional, comfortable and inspiring. The original plan was to have a green wall with real plants because of their beauty. It was a positive surprise that Naava walls were more than just pretty green walls.  
In their previous office space, the staff suffered more from respiratory infections, as the indoor air was poor there. In the new office with air-purifying and humidifying Naava walls, the problems are a thing of the past. The result not only looks but also feels great. The staff has been very pleased with the new office.

"I had seen green walls in offices and public spaces, loved them and decided to get one if we ever moved. Timing was great as when we did finally decide to move, an expert from Naava happened to be in contact. The decision to acquire several Naava walls was easy when I learnt that they have proven to have an effect on indoor air and people's energy levels."

Tiina Björqkvist, CEO, Euler Hermes Finland


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