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Green Building Partners

Helsinki, Finland

Green Building Partners is specialized in providing environmental, energy and life cycle services. Their office was the first in the Nordic countries to be awarded the WELL Certification for Human Health and Wellbeing in 2018.

The biggest changes for certification at Green Building Partners' Pitäjänmäki office were made with regard to indoor air, nature and light.

Indoor air was improved in many different ways: improving ventilation, choosing low-emission and second-hand furniture, reducing cleaning chemicals, and especially Naava smart green walls that purify indoor air and optimize humidity. In addition to improving indoor air, Naavas increased the amount of green nature in the office, an essential part of the WELL standard.

In addition, the amount of light and adjustability in the office was increased. Workers' mobility and activation during the working day were also facilitated. Employee satisfaction with the premises improved to a whopping 100 percent.


“Today, buildings are less environmentally friendly. Sustainable thinking, legislation and voluntary environmental certification have contributed to this change. Real estate users, we the people, we have, however, been somewhat at a disadvantage. This is also reflected in the current media debate on indoor air issues. At Green Building Partners, we want to provide our employees with the best possible working environment, which is why we applied for WELL certification for our office. With the certification, we improved the indoor air in our office and increased the amount of genuine nature with Naavas. ”
- CEO Keijo Leppävuori



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