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Järvenpää, Finland

Valmet set out to test Naava's air-purifying green walls in spaces with indoor air problems. In addition, the company replaced potted houseplants with Naavas. Thanks to Naava walls, the air is much fresher now. The indoor air problem was removed as the building was renovated. However, Valmet wanted the office air to be as good as possible and more Naava walls were placed in offices, break rooms and conference rooms.


"Our staff is very fond of our Naavas. They purify the air indoors and add a touch of green to our workspaces. People keep wanting more Naavas near them and we now have already 39 Naava walls!"

- Terhi Koukkula, Facilities Assistant


For Valmet, being environmentally friendly and sustainable are key competitive advantages. They want the work environment to also reflect these values. The workspace and office ergonomics are designed to advance the wellbeing of the staff - this includes a better indoor climate with natural and humid air. Stress levels are lower in fresh air and near real nature.

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