Helsinki, Finland


“Thanks to the Naavas, we have gotten rid of a set of different allergic symptoms, the afternoon slump and headaches caused by stuffy indoor air. The air feels better and we feel more alert.” – Klaus Kuhanen, CEO, JCDecaux

Starting point

JCDecaux seeks for diverse solutions to enhance the productivity and wellbeing of their employees. The push for improved workspaces came from within the business. When making decisions on the transformation, the company wanted to invest in something that would have an effect on people throughout the day, not just momentarily. The interest towards Naavas came from indoor air. Klaus was no stranger to indoor air problems and found Naava to be an interesting solution to having a lasting effect on the one thing that impacts many areas of wellbeing - air.


Naavas were not originally brought in for visual effect. Instead, they were invested in due to their air purification efficiency. Pure, fresh indoor air is a basic need that everyone should have the right to. In addition, greenery in the workplace has been found to add a nice touch to the general atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, many of JCDecaux’s staff members wanted the movable Naava in their corner of the office. “With the help of the Naavas, we have the energy to work efficiently throughout the work day, and consequently also enjoy our downtime to the fullest,” described Klaus Kuhanen, CEO of JCDecaux Finland.

The investments made to support the staff’s wellbeing can be seen in the low percentage of absences as well as the low turnover of staff. “We have noticed that this leads to the best outcome in both business and workplace wellbeing”, Klaus and JCDecaux’s HR Specialist Mia Kainulainen sum up.

Naavas in the space

8 Naavas in open office (300 m2).
1 Naava downstairs (200 m2).
1 Naava in conference room (60 m2).
1 Naava in an office (30 m2).

Effect: healthier, happier and more productive work environment for about 70 people.