In cooperation with Interior Architects Gullstén-Inkinen

Helsinki, Finland


“The idea was to center the greenery instead of having bits and pieces of it all around the office. We wanted to bring the Naavas together in full effect - into a space where everyone can see them on a daily basis.” - Hanna Gullstén, Gullstén-Inkinen

Starting point

The aim for Kolster’s new premises was to communicate and support transparent organizational culture and to further interaction. Utilizing natural light and elements took the center stage in the design of the space.


The transformation brought the open spaces closer to the windows so that natural light could flow through the office freely. Highlighting the core values of the family business, the heart of the office was transformed into a cosy meeting hub for people. This area was brought to life with Naava Green Walls bringing in added light, greenery and fresh air. Naavas were also placed in both ends of the office to make it feel like the office is surrounded by nature. This effect was further achieved with the right color scheme and choices of furniture which create a natural entity into which people want to come and work in.

Naavas in the space

Naava One Slim

4 x 1000 mm x 2300mm Naava One Slim entity against the long wall.
3 x 800mm x 2300mm Naava One Slim entity near the tables.
2 x 1000mm x 2300mm Naava One Slim entity in the conference room.
2 x 1000mm x 2300mm Naava One Slim entity at the end of the office.

Effect: Healthier, happier and more productive workplace for 80 people.

This is how a large Naava entity is installed