Nature as a Service is our solution to help everyone bring nature’s most precious gift, pure air, inside. For a monthly fee, our all-inclusive concept is the most care-free way to improve wellbeing at a workplace. Naava optimizes your workspace continuously.


NaaS Hotspots

Naava units work like wifi hotspots, each one naturalizing 650 square feet of air. They are carefully located in places most in need of fresh air – near working desks, in meeting rooms, in places where decisions are made, and where people go to recharge.

In a Naava optimized workplace environment, you can see nature all around you while you breathe invigorating fresh forest air that boosts your productivity and wellbeing.


How does Naava affect us?

We breathe 2600 gallons of air every day. When we breathe nature’s air, we feel better instantly. Naava enhances your wellbeing in an innovative way:

naturalizes indoor air


reduces harmful chemicals


optimizes humidity


illness is reduced


fatigue is halted


cognitive performance is improved

Naava brings nature inside


Naava is a visible sign of a healthy workplace

Our goal is to create healthy, happy and inspiring workplaces. We do it by bringing nature’s benefits indoors.

You can just breathe and enjoy the benefits.

The feeling when mind and body are reinvigorated

Can you imagine being surrounded by crisp, pure forest air? That’s what a Naava optimized workspace feels like. Naava purifies indoor air from harmful chemicals and transforms man made indoor air into pure, fresh forest air.

Interested? Plan your own workplace together with our experts