Naava Helsinki

Designed by our VP of Interior Design, Eeva Niemelä

Helsinki, Finland


“One of our core values is holistic health and wellbeing. We wanted to make our own office and showroom into an example of a space supporting both physical and mental wellbeing. We have considered everything from air quality to division of space and the smallest of details to make the space as supportive of health and productivity as possible.” – Eeva Niemelä, VP of Interior Design, Naava

Starting point

The comprehensive design of the workspace was kickstarted with a careful examination of the work habits of the people at Naava. The space which functions as both an office and a showroom sees customers visiting on a daily basis and a lot of the work is done in teams. At the same time, there are people doing independent specialist work in the space. The space had to accommodate all these different styles of working. True to Naava’s vision, we wanted to give everyone a chance to spend their days at work in a place that enhances their wellbeing and productivity.


Naava’s office is pioneer work in biophilic design, which means creating indoor spaces that support human wellbeing holistically with the use of natural elements. In addition to the natural, pure and optimally humid indoor air created by Naava Green Walls, especial attention was paid to maximizing natural light and ensuring any other lighting was as natural as possible. All materials used are also natural, as is the color scheme. Each space, excluding the smaller, independent workspaces, has its own Naava keeping the air fresh even when the rooms are full of people and the doors are closed. Fittingly, the most commonly heard comment from our visitors is how fresh the air feels. Inc. Magazine chose Naava’s office in Helsinki as one of Europe's coolest offices in 2018.

Naavas in the space

Naava One
Naava One Slim
Naava Duo

Two 800 mm x 2100 mm Naava Duos dividing the open space.
3 x 1000 mm x 2300 mm Naava One Slims side by side in a large conference room.
600 mm x 2300 mm Naava One Slim in small conference room.
1000 mm x 2100 mm Naava One Slim in conference room.

Effect: healthier, happier and more productive work environment for about 15 employees and customers.