Webinaari: Increase wellbeing and performance with the help of "body hacking" and Naava

Maailman älykkäimmän viherseinän perustajat sydämellisesti kutsuvat sinut kuuntelemaan mielenkiintoista webinaaria!

(webinaari englanniksi)

In the webinar, SAGA PERFORMANCE will tell you how using your body's data (so called body hacking) can affect the wellbeing of an organization.

We will also get an insight into how body data can be used as a base for change decisions, as in the future it will be possible to read how changes in the indoor environment affect the body's recovery and performance with the help of data gathered from employees' bodies.

Every human being is a system, a puzzle with complex pieces, so called mechanisms. Even our genes are affected by the environment we are in, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the lifestyle we have. There is a lot we can do to optimize health and feel even better! There is a lot our employers can do to support us on that journey and enable sustainable top level performance.

You will also receive tips and ideas on how to create a people-friendly workplace where biophilic interior design and the air have a positive impact on the work environment.


Date: Thursday, October 15th
Time: 15.00 to 16:00 Finnish time (GMT +3)
            14:00-15:00 Swedish time (GMT +2)
Location: Webinar (we send out a link)
The maximum number of participants is 100.
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Satu Ahlman works at SAGA PERFORMANCE as an advisor to high-performing individuals, leaders and management teams.

"With the help of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurements, sleep and stress analyses, genetic blueprints, combined with behavioral change and so-called "feedback loops ", we help individuals find an optimal, individualized and even more importantly, a sustainable lifestyle.

 is an exciting and innovative company whose mission is to reunite man with nature. We have created the world's smartest plant wall by increasing the plants' effect with the help of advanced technology. These walls increase your ability to concentrate and prosper. Welcome to the Naava breathing room to experience its benefits.