You drink 20,000 bottles of air, every day. How?

Posted by Aki Soudunsaari on March 19, 2019

If the water you were about to drink in your glass was dirty, you would of course choose not to drink it.

But as indoor air is invisible, you don’t know whether it’s clean or dirty, so you just breathe it in.

Did you know that you breathe into your body 10,000 liters or 4000 gallons of indoor air? Every day. That amount would fit into 20,000 half-a-liter bottles!

Think about it: it’s a lot of indoor air going into your system!

As much as outdoor pollution problem has to be fixed, the indoor pollution problem needs to be fixed too. And the impact is immediate.

We spend most of our time indoors - on average 22 hours - and the air we breathe consists of mostly unnatural indoor air. Ironically, we think we’re protected from bad outdoor air there but indoors the air can actually be worse.

The importance of indoor air is huge to our health and wellbeing: it’s the next big health trend after food and water.

We don’t want to drink contaminated water, we don’t want to contaminate our land with waste - now is the time to choose not to breathe contaminated indoor air anymore.

My aim is to give you the possibility to choose the air you breathe.

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