Naava Service

All-inclusive plant maintenance

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Naava N-light

Automation and AI

Naava independently takes care of the daily needs of your plants and indoor air: lighting, watering, and air circulation are automatically optimized by artificial intelligence.


24/7 remote monitoring and control

Your Naavas are in constant remote connection to our cloud server, from which our guardians can see the situation of your Naavas. With the help of remote control, we can make the necessary updates and thus reduce the number of physical maintenance visits -- this way we also reduce fuel emissions!

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Naava web-application

With the help of Naava's web browser application, you can also see and regulate your Naava's operation yourself. The application shows you, for example, when Naava's water container needs to be filled next time. You will also receive a reminder in your email about filling the water container.

Maintenance visits

Our Naava Service maintenance team visits you at regular intervals and whenever necessary to maintain the plants and the product's technology.

Naava Service -maintenance visits

The schedule of maintenance visits is always agreed with the customer. During visits, maintenance takes care of, trims, and replaces plants as needed, cleans the product from dust, adds nutrients to the water, and checks the technical condition of the product. In addition to the plants, the replacement of parts such as lamps and the water pump, is included in the price of Naava Service. When you choose the Premium service, Naava Service also takes care of filling the water containers for you!

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