Naava Green Wall works – employees enjoy the benefits

Our service has been created to let you enjoy nature's benefits inside as effortlessly as breathing.

Naava OS & Artificial Intelligence

Naava OS & Artificial Intelligence

Naava OS

takes care of Naava’s wellbeing 24/7:

  • Sensors measure the surroundings
  • Connection to cloud and weather satellites to prepare for environment changes
  • Real-time knowledge of wall’s functions
  • Automated watering and airflow adjustments

Naava Service

Naava Service

ensures that Naava always looks fresh and beautiful:

  • Plants are nourished
  • Plants are replaced if needed
  • Withering leaves are taken off and the growth of the plants is controlled
  • The overall look of Naava is optimized by our automated systems
  • In Premium Service, even the monthly filling of water tanks is included in the price


No additional costs. If a lamp burns out, we replace it. New plants, nutrients, growth medium and pot replacements are all included in the price.

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