Naava Oasis

Gateway to nature.

Available in Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland

Naava Oasis(photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Oasis of fresh air

Together with FYRA, the Interior Architecture Agency of the Year 2020, and a Finnish manufacturer Maiseri, we now bring indoors not only a piece of nature, but a whole oasis.

Biofiilinen tilaratkaisu

The construction, designed around Naava's air purifying green walls, creates a space dedicated for clean air.

Modulaarinen tilaratkaisu

Light and modular structure is easy to modify for different spaces, and move if the needs for a space change.


Creates facilities for safety, distance, and privacy by maintaining the unity of a space.

Naava Oasis tilaratkaisu FYRA & Riikka Kantinkoski

It is like a dive into a silent forest. Naava Oasis softens the motions of light, sound and air in an open space. Bring the stress-relieving effects of nature, and its fresh, clean and moist air where we need it the most.

Naava Oasis as a room divider

Space solution to improve privacy, health, and wellbeing

Thanks to its modularity, Naava Oasis can be assembled as smaller installations. With the modules you can create a multifunctional space that is divided but coherent.

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Green wall divider
IFI GAP Silver award sustainability

IFI GAP Sustainability Awards silver 2022

"The first impression was stylish, modern and fresh. Naava Oasis provided a place where it was easy to concentrate, and it also kept energy levels high. A great addition to spaces as it brings structure and cosiness (a nest-like feeling). It beautifully combines design and functionality, which both are in the heart of the Finnish know-how. Beautiful and very functional!"

- Input Interior

star 8.9

Let nature in.

A result of Finnish handicraft

Naava Oasis_detail (1)_web

The natural shapes and colours have been left to the birch plywood. 

Naava Oasis_detail (6)_web

Naava Oasis has been groomed to the last detail. 

Naava Oasis_detail (8)_web

A clear acrylic cell plate lets light pass in waves, offering cover from gazes.

Easy to move and install

It is easy to bring Naava Oasis to a space, and Naava's professionals assemble it quickly. A light but durable structure can be moved within a space, and due to its modularity, it can also be shrunken or enlargened if the needs of the space change.

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