Together with Fyra, the Interior Architecture Agency of the Year 2020, and a Finnish manufacturer Maiseri, we now bring indoors not only a piece of nature, but a whole oasis.

Naava Oasis has been designed to elevate the effect of Naava’s green furniture, creating a dedicated area for fresh air. Perfect for open spaces, Naava Oasis adds diversity by providing opportunities for distancing, relaxing and concentration. Like forest foliage, it cushions the movements of sound, light and air around it while keeping the space unconfined.

Imagine feeling as refreshed indoors as you do
sitting underneath a tree, taking a deep breath.
With Naava Oasis, we bring the stress-relieving
effect of nature and its pure, humidified air where we most need it.

Finnish handicraft

The natural, soft colors and patterns of the wood have been left visible on the birch plywood used throughout the product from the structure to all the way down to the carefully designed details. Clear polycarbonate sheet allows light to pass through in wavy movements and shapes, providing privacy.

Photo: Riikka Kantinkoski

Oasis of fresh air

Whether you are looking for creating a dedicated space for privacy and distance, concentration and working, or relaxation and meditation, Naava Oasis provides a solution.

Naava Oasis is available in two standard sizes, and thanks to its modularity, can be crafted to meet your individual needs as a designer model. 

 The number, model, placement and accessories of Naava green walls make the product even more flexible.

Contact your local retailer to find out whether Naava Oasis is available at your location.

Easy to install and move

The installation of Naava Oasis is easy and fast. As the structure is light but durable and is not integrated to the building, it is also easy to move or modify as the space and its needs change over time. 

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Let nature in.

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