Naava brings nature and its fresh, humidified air indoors. The fully automated Naava devices take good care of your plants for you, so that they can in turn take care of your wellbeing.

Naava N-series

Naava’s product family offers a wide range of solutions from wall-mounted eye-catching green walls to smaller and mobile room dividers. Take a look at the different models available and read more from our Product brochure.

Nature as a Service

Naava brings the benefits of nature indoors with an effortless monthly fee.

Naava's remote system monitors and controls your device 24/7, updating and fixing itself as needed. Ask your local retailer for the possibility of Naava Service for regular maintenance visits to make sure your Naava looks at its best at all times.

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Conference rooms

Open offices

Recreational spaces

Public spaces


Lobbies and waiting rooms



One product, many functions

The most beautiful air purifier and humidifier.

In addition to its air purifying properties, Naava also functions as the eye-catching centrepiece as well as a functional space-divider. Naava's are easy to install and move: with Naava Skate, you can change their position whenever you want. As an optional feature, you can add even more functionality with a magnetic whiteboard.

Naava combines the best parts of air purifiers, air humidifiers, acoustic elements and green walls into one product.

Naava Air purifiers Green Walls Humidifiers
Biophilia Yes No Yes No
Acoustic benefits Yes No Yes No
Harmonious acoustics (under 21dB) Yes No Yes Yes
Harmful chemical removal Yes Maybe No No
Particle removal Yes Yes No No
Air naturalization Yes No No No
Air humidity management Yes No No Yes
IOT & AI Optimized functions Yes No No No
Data integration to intelligent buildings & apps Yes No No No
On-site maintenance Yes Maybe Maybe No
Ease of use, mobility Yes Yes Maybe Yes
Guarantee For life 0-5 years Varies 0-3 years

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We bring fresh air and the health and productivity enhancing effects of nature to everyone’s reach with an effortless monthly payment.