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Biological air purification with Naava

Naava's air purifying plants
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The most researched green wall in the world

Leveraging the research by NASA, Naavas' air-purifying technology breaks down harmful compounds from the air with friendly microbes living in plant roots.



constant removal of chemicals

Naava's biofilters remove harmful chemicals from the air consistently and without a decline.

Green wall removes VOCs (Naava)
Naava biofilter
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more efficient than regular plants

Naava's technology and unique, soil-free growth medium maximize the natural air purification capacity of regular plants.

Plants purify air


increase in health-associated skin microbes

Naava improved skin health and immunity against pathogens and allergens.

Plants increase healthy microbes on skin
Naava increases immune system 3


less chance of making mistakes

Naava improved recovery from a stress-inducing task as seen by lower cortisol and higher oxytocin levels as well as higher HRV levels, and decreased the chance of mistakes in the test.

Naava Study, 2016


This is how Naava works

Monitor and control your indoor climate with Naava app



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