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2022 Sustainability Report

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In the report, we present the contents of our environmental impact and how we aim to promote social responsibility and bring a positive contribution to the surrounding society. The report has been done in accordance with the GRI standard.


Naava is a supporter of Agenda 2030 and a  participant of the UN Global Compact initiative. We are committed to acting according to the standards set by the UN and thrive to promote them in our future operations.

The 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN are important drivers in our sustainability matters. We have selected three goals as the most significant for Naava. 


We are investing in the long-term health and well-being of current and future generations by making decisions that support our overall sustainability.


We are actively eliminating the potentially adverse effects our operations may cause. We're committed to creating a more equal society.


Our solutions provide communities with resource-efficient ways to invest in better indoor air quality and an enhanced nature connection.



Naava impacts human health & well-being by bringing the power of nature indoors.

We see our impact as two-dimensional: Handprint contains all our positive effects on society, whereas Footprint is everything we leave behind. Read more on these below.




According to the World Health Organization, inhaling poor, polluted air thousands of times in a day is one of the most significant environmental health risks of the 21st century.

The core of our handprint is to work on solving this global threat. As of now, around 390 000 people are daily under the influence of our services, which are scientifically proven to decrease stress and improve cognitive functions.



Naava is the most researched green wall in the world



Thanks to Naava’s technology, we are able to take care of the plants remotely - thus effectively reducing the amount of travelling, transportation, and plants needed for maintenance. Current estimates tell, that we're able to cut travelling over five-fold.

We‘re constantly developing our products to be more sustainable. Our latest product range is manufactured using 45% less raw materials while also being more recyclable. The same product range also carries 81% less packaging volume and 71% less packaging materials.

Over the course of 11 years, 6000 Naava walls have seen daylight. Almost all of the devices manufactured are still in use. 

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Our Supply Chain

We excel in circulating our products and maintaining long service intervals. the key points for development are in material sourcing and transporting solutions.


Road to Zero

Carbon neutral in 2027.

We made a commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2027. We plan to do more with less, which leads to an increased net impact. The plan presents yearly GHG intensity relations to the 2021 baseline.




“At Naava, we share the desire to succeed and achieve something significant. We work through positive energy and joy, supporting one another. We trust and care to create an open environment where each of us can impact our personal work and shared mission.”



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