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Naava green walls are easy to install and move, and topped off with automation so you can design green interior solutions that stand the test of time.

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Minimalistic design enhances the beauty of nature

Naava's polished, Nordic and minimalistic design has been created to bring the effects of nature and fresh air indoors. The main focus remains on the lush beauty of the plants, while hidden inside the frame there are various functions enhancing the ease of use from artificial intelligence to automated irrigation.

Naava product family covers a wide range of options from wall-integrated to free-standing, tall or low, one- or two-sided models,  enabling nature to be brought indoors effortlessly.

Naava green wall product family

Download 3D models

Use Naava 3D models in your design! The package contains Archicad (.lfc), AutoCAD (.dwg), Revit (.rfa), Rhino (.3dm), SketchUp (.skp), and MAX (.max) -documents.

Naava green walls and plant furniture
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Privacy and safety

Create nooks of privacy to the space by using Naava as a space-divider.

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Larger installations

The modular design of Naavas enables you to create larger, more striking entities. By placing different sizes of the same model side by side, you can effortlessly create an element to remember, by embedding Naava to the wall it blends in with the space even more seamlessly.

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Flexible solutions

As Naava's are not connected to a plumbing system, they are easy to move and adapt according to the function of the space. With Naava Skate, you can change their position whenever you want.

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One product, many functions

Among being an air purifier, Naava can act as a beautiful eye-catcher and a space divider as well. As an optional feature, you can add even more functionality with a magnetic whiteboard.

Technical details

  • Installation Open or Close

    Naava Service team will ensure a professional installation of Naava from start to finish. 

    Naava is installed in the space at the same time as any other pieces of furniture once the space is otherwise finished and everything else is installed.

    All Naava One Slim models are secured to a wall with minimal bracketing for safety reasons when installed. If placed next to a wall, Naava One is also wall-secured. When standing in the middle of the floor, Naava One will either have feet or a skate to secure its position.

  • Space requirements Open or Close

    Naava needs a standard outlet with continuous power. Naava's electrical cord can come from either the top of the product, behind it, or on double-sided products on the other front panel. The outlet should not be located behind the product as it should be easily accessible. 

    There should always be 100 mm of space above Naava for maintenance. If Naava is embedded in the wall, both sides should have 15 mm of space and the top should have 100 mm of space above it.

    WiFi-network is required for Naava to be able to send data to our cloud system and adjust the functions accordingly to the surrounding conditions.

    The indoor air temperature has to be at least +16°C.

  • Lighting Open or Close

    Naava can even be placed in places with no natural light thanks to the power of Naava's lighting fixtures, which is optimal for plants at 5700 K. The lighting is usually timed from 7am to 10pm and should be adjusted according to the recommendations provided by Naava experts. 

  • Water Open or Close

    Naava is not connected to a plumbing system, as it has its own, individual water tank. Naava's automation takes care of the daily watering of the plants, but the watertank needs to be filled weekly either by Naava Premium Service (ask your local retailer for availability), cleanig services, or the customer.

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