Conquer the autumn blues with the help of greenness

Posted by Marianne Manninen on November 11, 2016

Leaves are falling from the trees, darkness is creeping in too soon after the workday, and freezing rain has become a daily phenomenon. No wonder that during this season we don’t want to spend time outside in the nature after a day at work, like we probably would during the summer. However, no matter how bad the weather might be, our natural need to connect with nature won’t disappear.

The change in seasons affects our everyday life in several ways: we don’t see the sun as often, less time is usually spent outdoors and on top of this, it’s often a busier time at work compared to summertime. By bringing nature inside, where we actually spend most of our time, especially from fall to spring, we can enhance our wellbeing in various ways. 

How does Naava brighten up the autumn blues? 

Naava brings a flicker of light to dark winter days. 

Greenness of nature

Research shows that spending time in nature enhances your wellbeing, so why not bring nature inside as this is where we spend most of our time? Greenness and other natural elements make you feel relaxed, they enhance your ability to concentrate and add contentedness. Green-décor is a growing trend that we can enjoy, not only with our eyes, but with our entire bodies. 


Naava has a light attached to it so that the plants get enough light despite the season and weather. Thanks to this, you can place your Naava in a room that doesn’t get any natural light. With its own lighting, Naava brings life and vitality to your surroundings when it is cold and dark outside. 

Fresh air

Being outdoors can feel like a repulsive idea when it’s drizzling or when you are dragging your feet through slush. Although going outside in bad weather might not seem like a tempting idea, we still need just as much fresh air as we do during the summer.

When we spend longer times indoors we simply run out of fresh air. This especially tends to occur when a lot of people are crammed into a small space at the same time, like in meeting rooms for example. You start to feel worn out and tired even if your workday isn’t over yet.

Naava airs’ humidity is like the one you feel when entering a forest. An effective air circulation ensures that the working atmosphere remains pleasant throughout the day. 

Want to bring the feel of nature indoors?

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