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Posted by Marianne Manninen on November 7, 2016

An indoor plant that is impossible to kill even by a most hopeless green thumb? A Naava smart green wall is full of those. As we all know, living plants won’t survive without care. Special attention is needed when the plants live in challenging conditions, like in a smart green wall.

 Wintery countryside road

The Naavas’ air purification power lies in the plants. To be more accurate, in the microbes living in the roots of the plants. Our experts are responsible for Naava’s wellbeing, making sure that it works as we promise. They maintain the Naava every 4 to 6 weeks so that it will remain green, vibrant and well.

In the installation, the Naava is registered to our remote monitoring system and being prepared to work in the gentle care of the artificial intelligence. The Naava Service team is responsible of ensuring that the technology and AI start working as they are supposed to.

A unique service is born by trimming, salts and mobile phone pictures 

Naava Service personnell adjusting plantsOn each maintenance visit, a set of reserve plants, scissors, nutrient measures and plant nutrients among other things are part of the standard equipment in a maintenance person's toolkit.

Single unwell or dead plants are replaced with new ones of the same species. The Naava is also “trimmed”; plants are cut so that they broadly stay on the inside of the frame.

The plants feel better thanks to their specially made nutrients. At the moment, we have three different kinds of nutrients in use. The plants' need for nutrients is measured during maintenance visits.


The equipment developed for this measures the electrical conductivity of the water, which indicates the quantity and relation of different salts in the water. The plant nutrients consist of salts and minerals, so with the measurements we know how to portion the nutrients based on the need.

An important tool for the Naava Service experts,  is also a mobile phone. They add information to our  online maintenance log, including how many plants they’ve changed, if they added nutrients and how the Naava is doing in general.

During every maintenance visit, our team checks via the remote monitoring system that the technology connected to the smart green wall is functioning faultlessly. Before and after maintenance, pictures are taken of the Naava. Each picture will be given points from 1 to 5 so that each Naava’s condition is evaluated on every maintenance visit.

When the Naava Service team is working, you shouldn't hesitate to disturb them with questions about the Naavas. They love to be disturbed. 

A day in the life of Naava Service team

Naava Service on the move



  • The day starts at the warehouse in Arabianranta

  • A meeting with the Helsinki team about the day’s program

  • Packing plants and equipment to the maintenance van

  • Travel to a customer


  • First maintenance of the day: 1 Naava

    Naava Service photographing a finished green wall installation


  • Second maintenance of the day: 1 Naava

  • It takes about half an hour to do a basic maintenance for a Naava.


  • Third maintenance: 4 Naavas

  • Small lunch


  • Fourth maintenance: 1 Naava


  • Fifth maintenance: 1 Naava


  • Sixth maintenance: 1 Naava



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