Webinar Learnings 2022: How to Design Healthy & Sustainable Buildings

Want to learn more about healthy, sustainable buildings?

On February 10th 2022, we organized a webinar from our pioneering “Science and Future of Healthy Buildings” series. Today, we wanted to share the most crucial things that we - and over 1,000 people who signed up for the webinar - learned about the future of healthy buildings. 

By reading this Learning Package on how to design health-promoting and sustainable buildings that foster our modern learning and working settings, you will gain relevant and contemporary knowledge on the following topics:

Healthy Learning Environments 

  • Interior Design that Fosters Learning
  • Better Learning with Better Lighting
  • Nature in the Classroom

Healthy Work Environments

  • Supporting Employee Brain Health
  • Health and Well-Being Through Lighting
  • The Essentials of Holistic Ergonomics
  • What You Need to Know about Brainwaves

Healthy Work Environments: The Science 

  • Designing a Modern Office
  • Office Design and Human Biology
  • How to Create the Perfect Office

Healthy Work Environments in Real Life

  • Comprehensive Office Well-Being
  • Designing the Office of the Future
  • Designing a Biophilic Showroom


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