Look good, breathe well

Posted by Marianne Manninen on August 10, 2016

Awarded Finnish fashion designer Ritva Falla opened her new boutique at Korkeavuorenkatu in Helsinki this spring. The boutique is designed in a Scandinavian simplicity while it gives off an industrial feeling to its visiting customers. Ritva Falla and the CEO of Ritva Falla Oy, Ursula Ilmes, was looking for a surprising element to the boutique that would also add a hint of softness to the simplicity. They also wanted to add a touch of nature to the urban milieu where the boutique is located. Before opening the boutique, Ritva and Ursula heard about a new Finnish innovation, our Naava smart green wall.

“For us Finnish design is obviously a major matter since it is a part of our philosophy. Therefore Naava felt right for us. It is meaningful for us that the product is manufactured in Finland,” say the women.

Ritva Falla's clothing store.

Our customers and visitors find Naava interesting, especially after having heard what it does.

The philosophy behind Ritva Falla’s design is to fight against the “wear it once culture”. The clothes are designed to survive the quick change of trends. The responsibility and care taking of our nature are key values for Ritva Falla and her collections. Naava’s technology, which is based on nature’s own intelligence, together with the greenness of the wall convinced Ritva and Ursula.

“It’s lovely to see we have interesting and promising new companies in Finland. As a Finnish entrepreneur it’s important for us to support each other,” Ritva ponders.

A vibrant centerpiece captures attention

Ritva and Ursula wanted to create a boutique that would be easy to drop by and a place to get inspired by. They ended up having created a space where it is easy to breathe. The boutique is also welcoming companies and associations for meetings or customer evenings.

“Our customers and visitors find Naava interesting, especially after having heard what it does. For us it’s also very important that Naava doesn’t contain any soil. It’s easy to take care of Naava and the offered maintenance service has worked effortlessly,” Ritva says cheerfully.
All the furniture in the boutique are white, light and movable so Naava’s water container got a wooding case on wheels to suit the rest of the decor.

Naava at Ritva Falla's.

In a fashion boutique, Naava has also got a brand new use, it has become a vibrant background for photos.

“The plants are neutral and also create a memorable background for outfit photos,” say Ritva and Ursula.

Naava has been surrounded by other plants so the boutique now has an oasis of its own. In front of Naava the customers can also find a bench to sit down on. This has turned out to be the place in the boutique the customers and visitors end up at. “For us it’s important to offer our customers something extra, something that enhances their wellbeing. Fresh and healthy air in the city centre is exactly that. We find it meaningful for us that our customers feel good and Naava is one way of ensuring that,” says Ritva.


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