Naava Improves Air Quality: How and Why

Posted by Anna Järvinen on August 20, 2021

Naava is a smart and active green wall that purifies, naturalizes, and humidifies indoor air. This is done with the help of automation, active air circulation, and biological processes that mimic nature. Naava uses automation and artificial intelligence to ensure that the plants are always working at maximum efficiency and receiving the right amount of water, nutrients, light and rest, at the right time.   

Okay, this sounds all well and good, but what does it really mean? How exactly are Naavas transforming our indoor air and how does it affect us? Let us explain.

A lot of work lies behind our Naava plants

Naava enhances indoor air ventilation and gets rid of stale and stuffy air 

Indoor air becomes stale when there is not enough fresh air circulating through it. Stale air can make the air in the room feel smelly and stuffy, which is often caused by a buildup of chemicals in the air. A small amount of stuffy air does not necessarily pose any danger to our health. However, higher levels of stale air can cause physical symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. The worst part is that we usually cannot even tell that these symptoms are caused by poor indoor air quality.

When Naava green walls are placed into indoor spaces, the room will never run out of fresh air and thus, there will be no instances of smelly and stuffy air. Once placed into a room, Naava circulates the indoor air constantly, allowing the microbes to continuously break down any air impurities. After the air has travelled through the plants’ roots, Naava’s fans return the fresh and pure air back into the room. This air-purifying Naava loop guarantees that indoor air has no chance of ever becoming stale.

Blue Sky and Fresh Air

Naava cleans the air and makes sure we do not breathe any harmful chemicals, particles, or viruses

Naava has created an air-purifying technology that actively draws air through the root zone of the plant to reduce harmful organic compounds often found in indoor air.

The harmful organic compounds that Naavas are actively fighting against get into our air from many different sources such as furniture, paints, perfumes, and cleaning products. As these compounds can affect our health negatively and cause symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and nausea, it is important to avoid and get rid of them as efficiently as possible.

In chamber tests conducted by the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Jyväskylä, it was discovered that when compared to normal potted plants, Naava biofilters proved to be significantly more effective in removing chemical concentrations from indoor air. During the chamber tests and while utilizing only one single simulated active Naava biofilter, chemical concentrations in the test chamber were nearly non-existent after one hour. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made us think about indoor air ventilation and particle removal in a whole other light. We acknowledge that good indoor air ventilation plays an important role in preventing us from getting infected with the coronavirus - or any virus. Therefore, it is definitely positive that in addition to battling against chemicals and other harmful particles, Naava also optimizes air quality so that we are less likely to catch viruses when breathing indoor air. 


Naava humidifies air - making it more like the air already in our lungs

Dry air, literally, lacks moisture. This decrease in moisture can be caused by e.g. the air getting colder in winter as colder air does not retain moisture as well as warmer air. Breathing dry indoor air can affect our health negatively causing a multitude of different health problems such as dehydration, skin irritation, asthma, and cracking of the mucous membranes.   

Humidifiers are one way of dealing with this issue of dry air. However, humidifiers can sometimes be hard to operate, especially when keeping in mind that if a humidifier is set too high, it can cause issues such as mold and bacteria infestations. 

A more natural and attractive solution for keeping indoor air moist are potted plants. Potted indoor plants actively pull water from the soil, which then evaporates into the air from the plants’ leaves. This creates a more humid atmosphere and decreases negative symptoms caused by dry indoor air. However, the humidifying effect of potted plants can be quite limited if there are only a couple of plants in a room. Additionally, it can be hard to select the right plants as some plants humidify better than others. 

Naava green walls solve all of these problems. Naava's plants are carefully selected to make sure that the biofiltering plants can purify and humidify indoor air effectively. There are tens of plants in one Naava (depending on the size of the Naava) and fans on top of the green wall that help in returning the humidified air back into the room more efficiently. 

Additionally, Naava green walls have been programmed to vigorously measure and optimize the air humidity in any room. This is done via Naava’s sensors, which together with Naava’s AI guarantee that the air humidity constantly stays at an optimal level.

Mission Vision_Summer (4)_web

Naava green walls - on a mission towards healthy indoor air

Nowadays, we are tracking all kinds of health information: steps taken, hours slept, and water consumed. But why are we not tracking the air we are breathing? We know how negatively low-quality indoor air affects our well-being, causing health issues like asthma, headaches, and fatigue. 

With Naava green walls and Naava sensors, the tracking and optimizing of our indoor air quality is finally made possible. With the green walls constantly circulating, purifying, humidifying, monitoring, and optimizing our indoor air, we are bound to stay more healthy and energized.  Thanks to Naava, clean air is now accessible to everyone.


For a more visual experience that explains how our Naavas work, watch our video below:


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