Natural indoor air is part of kindergarten’s environmental education and children’s wellbeing

Posted by Eeva Niemelä on May 6, 2015

On a cold February morning, three entrepreneurs of Vekarokatu kindergarten in Jyväskylä were reading the same newspaper article. The article told of a teacher who had been spared of a vicious circle of sick leaves thanks to Naturvention’s smart greenwall. At the Vekarokatu kindergarten nobody in particular was suffering from sick leaves but the entrepreneurs who followed the principles of environmental education wanted to give the children a chance to breathe the healthiest indoor air possible. The trio fell in love with the smart furniture and they decided to invest in Naturvention’s greenwall, Naava Original, and get one of their own for the kindergarten.


The kids at Vekarokatu day care have enjoyed the Naava. “The environment here is as fresh as a forest after rain”

Naturally healthy and safe growth environment for children

The premises of the kindergarten can be found at the bottom floor of a building from 1960’s. Before starting the business the space was completely renovated. The thought of biologically adaptive and smart greenwall fascinated the entrepreneurs because their wish was to create indoors an environment that is species-typical for humans.

Thanks to the smart greenwall, nature is constantly present at children’s everyday life. Besides the greenwall that provides naturally clean air, there are two well-trained Icelandic sheepdogs, Huppe and Taru, working at the kindergarten. The premises are cleaned often but without strong antibacterial detergents. The goal is to ensure that the children can have genuine contact with nature and thus build a natural microbiome that strengthens immunity. Natural microbiome reduces susceptibility to become ill due to an infection. “Families that suffer from allergies want to bring their children specifically to our kindergarten because we offer them a healthy contact with nature”, tells CEO Anu Lapinmäki.

Values that emphasise the importance of environment and nature draw in customers even from neighbouring towns. “Parents admire the looks of the smart greenwall and enjoy a small breath next to it when they come to get their children home .“

Research and positive experiences prove the benefits of a smart greenwall

The entrepreneurs of Vekarokatu kindergarten have set their goals high. The demand for the quality of everything they do is aspiring and they study constantly to improve their work. The acquisition of a smart greenwall is a sign of this will to develop and renew. “We are very interested in the effects that the smart greenwall has and follow the scientific research conducted about them. We have noticed ourselves that, besides the lovely atmosphere, the air is more fresh and the smell of food coming from the lunch room that got stuck to children’s clothes has disappeared. Myself, I suffer noticeably less of my hereditary migraine. I feel brilliant here”, Lapinmäki rejoices.

All in all, the entrepreneurs at Vekarokatu are very happy with their investment. For a private kindergarten natural indoor air is a real competitive advantage. “Also the Naava Service maintenance has been excellent in every way. We can just enjoy fresh air and the natural environment.”


The kids' drawings of the personal meaning of Naava. Children's drawings from the exhibition "What does the greenwall mean to me?"



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