#NordicMade Naava speaking at #Slush Shanghai

Posted by Marianne Manninen on October 31, 2016

The next hot technology-based stars of the Nordic business world, are sharing their stories at the main stage of Slush Shanghai. Naturally, Naava (formerly known as NaturVention) is also telling its own story.

The Nordic companies’ representation is a part of the #NordicMade concept, which aims to strengthen the Nordic and Chinese business networks.

Aki Soudunsaari on stage at Slush Shanghai

The Nordic countries are as exotic for the Chinese as China is to us. “The Nordics are very attractive and highly appreciated region, therefore, in our stories the Nordic roots are strongly emphasized. We want to share our why and our mission, and how we can help billions of people with our innovation”, told our CEO Aki Soudunsaari in Shanghai.

“Finland is a small, and unfortunately not a very well-known country. The Nordics are more recognized and the images connected to them are almost always positive. As a representative of the Nordic team, rather than just the Finnish team, we have a big number of fans cheering for “their own team””, said sports enthusiast Aki.

Make the world a better place to live

At the Slush main stage, Aki is going to share his own story on how he wants to make the world a better place. “Founding a company is a way to express yourself, and in this case, finding a solution to your own problem does that for me”, stated Aki, who himself suffered from indoor air related problems when he worked as a teacher.

Slush Shanghai crowd

“When I taught health sciences indoors in classrooms, I felt lousy, almost unable to teach. I had some issues with my memory, my voice broke down a lot, and often I was unexplainably tired.  When I taught physical education outdoors, I did not have those same symptoms”, recalled Aki of the time before finding a working solution.

The solution for bringing the outdoors indoors was found together with his university friend, biology and technology multi-talent, Niko Järvinen. “In many ways, we were on a mission to find a solution on how to bring nature inside. We found out that by combining nature with a technology studied for living in space, was the right way to go. The air we breathe, is the next global health trend, especially in global megacities.”

"The air we breathe, is the next global health trend, especially in global megacities.”

Starting a company to find a solution to your own problem might seem a bit selfish. But as Naava products prove, by solving your own problems, you can help others as well. Our vision is that by 2025 a billion people can choose to breathe Nordic forest air, ie #NordicMade air, everywhere, every day.


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