The first ever international business forum held in pure Nordic forest air

Posted by Hanna Nylund on January 4, 2017

Welcome to the future of business forum experiences with the freshest and cleanest air on the planet. Together, The Nordic Business Forum and Naava have united to bring a new energizing experience, seen for the first time at an international business event. Our joint mission is to create powerful, innovative, healthy and productive experiences that drive the future of better ideas, people and growth.

Nordic Business Forum set a target in 2011 to become the best business seminar in the world by 2021. They have already been recognized as the most influential business seminar in Europe, with speakers like Jack Welch, Al Gore, Richard Branson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger coming to the Nordics to speak.

Naava has set its goal to provide pure Nordic forest air to over a billion people by 2025. In 2012 the company won Kasvu Open, which is the biggest competition for growth companies in Finland. Naava was also recognized in Times Square, New York, after it was awarded the main prize in the Finnish Productive Idea Innovation by the Junior Chamber International Finland and Nasdaq. These two companies have a simple recipe that drives them to strive for global success. 

Reach high with growth mindset

The management needs to grow faster than the company.

When you want to make a dent in the universe, you need people with the right mindset to make it happen. All the employees must have strong believing in the company vision and company values, or as recognised business coach Keith Cunningham puts it, a mission-match. The working culture needs to be extraordinary, where everyone is supporting each other to deliver the best possible results.

As Nordic Business Forum’s co-founder and CEO Hans-Peter Siefen says it:

“It is very important to us to keep in mind why we do what we do, every day. That is why we pursue to deliver value in everything we do. With every blog post or email we write, or an event or a meeting we hold, we aspire to identify what is the value we’re giving to our clients and other stakeholders”.

At Naava our mission guides everything what we do, as our co-founder & CEO Aki Soudunsaari puts it:

"We are reconnecting humanity with nature. We do this by harnessing future technologies that embrace millions of years of innovation and natural design, creating the smartest green walls on the planet. We believe that fresh air should be available to everyone. We created Naava to build healthier learning and working environments, We will enable everyone, everywhere to breathe nature’s air".

This mindset helps us to remember, like Hans-Peter Siefen said it: “in every meeting, email or blog post” that our mission is to provide everyone a chance to live in a healthier environment, be connected to nature and breathe fresh air.

Nordic Business Forum 2016

Extend the expectations of your customer

“Customers never love the company until the employees love it first.”

Nordic Business Forum has sold out its events 6 years in a row. The record time is just mere 6 days and all the tickets for the following seminar were sold. Existing customers purchase the majority of the tickets available. Why? Because everything related to the NBF brand is simply the best one could imagine.

When you feel cold at the event and sit among almost 6,000 people in the middle of the crowd and suddenly somebody comes to you and offers a blanket to keep you warm, you know what a great customer service is. It is anticipating a customer’s needs, even before she notices them herself.

Hans-Peter Siefen explains this attitude of customer service: “We spent a lot of time and effort in training our event employees to be the best in the world. And we don’t say it to be bragging, we say the most humble way possible. I don’t think anybody else has a training for one single event for 6 months period, but we do. We want to exceed the expectations of our customers every time. They invest in us by buying tickets to our events and courses, and we need to ensure that they think this was the best investment of their lives.”

“At Naava, we invite our customers and all of their employees to Naava Family. By not only providing natural air and real nature inside at their offices and homes, we also want to make their life better in every possible way when interacting with us or with our product. There is no value in dissatisfied customers, there is only value with overly happy customers.

Within the last 5 years, only 2 % of our customers have not continued the cooperation. Our goal is to improve those figures, while we grow heavily into new markets.”, says Aki Soudunsaari. 

Naava Breakfast 17.1.2017 at Waterfront Stockholm

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to have secured a seat to NBF, don’t worry. We offer a continuance to this year’s event as we are inviting you to an exclusive networking breakfast on the 17th of January. Come and enjoy breakfast together with our experts, network and listen to one of Sweden’s most popular speakers, Jan Bylund, as he shares highlights on how to create an effective and fun workplace, where everyone will do their best to succeed.


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Nordic Business Forum 2016

Photo credits © Nordic Business Forum and Studio Kraft


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