Work Hard, Breathe Smart

Posted by Marianne Manninen on June 17, 2016

Vincit, the Finnish software company who have been nominated as the best workplace in Finland for three years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016) by the Great Place to Work institution, can proudly also now present themselves as Europe’s best workplace.

Vincit took home the price of the best workplace in Europe yesterday, after having competing in the class of small and medium size companies. According to the company’s CEO, Mikko Kuitunen, it’s the company’s will and eager to change combined with a skilled personnel that has led them to this victory.

“It all depends on your people whether you succeed or not and to attract skillful personnel, you have to offer them the best possible working environment”, says Kuitunen.

We spend on average up to 90 % of our days indoors, whether we would like it or not. Vincit wants to offer their experts a first class working environment that enhances the wellbeing of the employees. Using your brain all day, everyday, gets a whole lot easier when you're breathing the freshest of airs.

Vincit has designed their office to support wellbeing.

Design your way to victory

Naava caught the interest of Vincit as they in an equal way support the thought of creating the best possible working environment. In Vincity, the hardworking personnel are now spending their days surrounded by a fresh and natural air.

After reflecting over the similarity of the values and the way of working, it became quite clear that the Naavas were something that would fit Vincit’s image quite perfectly.

The newest actions towards a working environment of the highest class, offers the employees a workplace from the future, enhancing both their wellbeing and performance. Naava is now a part of the overall strategy to support the functionality of Vincity. This is a strategy that has been built up as a team, together with the management, personnel and designers.

Vincit's founder and CEO Mikko Kuitunen tells how Vincity got greener




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