A Too Sterile Environment is Harmful for Your Immune System

A sterile environment is not natural for humans, rather we are created to live in a world of microbes.

Microbes are an essential part of our lives from the moment of our birth and our daily environment is filled with microbes. They can be found in the nature, the indoor environment, the air and the artifacts around us.

Even in an area of one square centimeter on our skin, there are millions of microbes. The only naturally sterile places microbes can’t reach are inner organs and fruit pulp.

A generally sterile environment is perceived as ideal and as an image of health. Nevertheless, a hospital bacteria can potentially be even more harmful than the illness which is being cured.

An environment filled with microbes is more natural to humans, than a fully cleaned and sterilized place.

Exposure to microbes develops the immune system

Exposure to microbes is advantageous for the development of the immune system. The more we challenge our immune system the better it will protect us.

Knowledge of the birth of allergies has developed by investigating the relationship between the environment and allergies. For the development of the immune system it is essential to have a diverse contact with the nature. A sterile environment doesn’t offer enough challenge for the immune system. It begins to use its surplus energy to attack otherwise harmless substances. The underwhelmed immune system then causes hay fever and food allergies.

Because we spend as much as 90 % of our time in indoor spaces, we should pay special attention to the indoor air quality. One way of offering our body the touch of nature it desires, is to naturalize indoor spaces.

The organs learn how to live with microbes through the forthcoming challenges. For the sake of our health, we shouldn’t be afraid of microbes. By destroying them we harm our own immune system.

Microbes should be seen as partners, not enemies.

Don’t be afraid of nature!

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