Your First Day vs. First Month with Naava

What to expect during the first day and first month after having acquired your very own smart Naava green wall?

In this article, we will tell you how acquiring a Naava will affect your everyday life. After reading this piece, you will have learned what happens during and after your first day and first month with Naava.

Will a Naava solve all your problems? Probably not.

Will it solve some of them? Most definitely!

The Naava Service team will take care of all your Naava-related needsOur friendly neighborhood Naava Team is always at your service.

Day 1: Meet Our Naava Service Crew

So you have purchased your Naava and are eagerly waiting for delivery. Then, the moment you least expect it, someone will suddenly knock on your home or office door. Is it the TV license inspector again? Don’t worry, it’s only our Naava Service crew!

The Naava Service team handles the installation of your Naava. They will also teach you how to access your Naava App, which allows you to observe the details of your space and monitor and adjust the functions of your Naava according to your preferences. 

Our Service crew gets a lot of positive feedback from our customers, and now it’s your time to see whether they really live up to the hype (we assure you, they do). And psst, even if our Service team is eagerly working on providing you with the best Naava experience, you shouldn’t hesitate to disturb them with questions about your Naava. Our Service team loves to be disturbed!

Day 1: Healthier and Purer Indoor Air

After the Service team has left, you will find yourself confronted with your new, green companion. After you have moved past the introductions, you will slowly but steadily begin to experience the positive effects your new friend provides you with. 

The Naava will start purifying and humidifying your indoor air immediately after its installation. Already during its first hour, the Naava will have purified 60,000 litres of indoor air. To some, that might not sound like much, but you will be amazed when we tell you that within an hour, you will only have breathed 480 litres of it. Wow - what to do with all this 59,520 litres of fresh, excess air?

Naava's plants are not only stunningly beautiful but also highly effective in purifying indoor airYour Naava's plants will constantly purify indoor air so that you can always breathe in peace.

Day 1: Your Naava Will Become a Showstopper

Since you are now provided with such a large amount of fresh and pure indoor air, you might want to invite your friends, family, and colleagues over to see whether your new purchase seems more useful than the banana slicer you bought last week.

And we will assure you that your peers will be baffled. Your Naava will receive so much praise that you might even start to feel a tiny bit jealous. Why do I never get this many compliments?

Day 1: Increased Physical and Mental Well-Being

Now, on your own or together with your peers, you can begin to experience how your Naava improves your day both mentally and physically. After your first day with Naava, you will feel more energized. According to research, spending only 15 minutes in a natural environment will already boost your mood and lower your stress levels. Imagine how ultra-relaxed you will be after spending the whole day in the same room as your Naava. 

Furthermore, the negative symptoms you might have been experiencing due to low-quality indoor air will begin to decrease. By improving the humidity level of the room, your Naava will decrease the amount of dust that floats in the air and thus, keep you healthier. That means less coughing, less sneezing, and a healthier skin and mucous membrane. The result: an overall healthier feeling! Possibly even so healthy that your concerned local health care provider might soon start sending you worried emails about why you haven’t visited them in a while.

Naavas are perfect for both office and home settingsYour Naava will both do and look good - what more could you wish for?

Month 1: Mutual Love and Respect

The honeymoon phase with your Naava starts to come to an end. Instead of constant infatuation, you will start to develop deeper feelings of love and companionship towards your Naava. How have I ever managed without you? 

Friends, family, and colleagues will still compliment you on your Naava, but probably less than they did in the beginning. Maybe you even inspired one of your peers to get a Naava of their own! If so, you might want to establish a Healthy Air Club (patent pending). Remember to tag us (@breathenaava) on social media when you are getting together for some healthy breathing and plant therapy.


Month 1: Enjoy the Positive Long-Term Health Benefits

After the first month with your Naava, you will notice how your symptoms caused by stuffy, low-quality indoor air have decreased - or even disappeared altogether. This happens due to the Naava plants adapting to their new environment and optimizing their air purification process. And since the green wall is fully automated, you haven't had to do anything else besides fill the water tank of your Naava once in a while. Taking care of plants has truly never been this simple and carefree.

You will also feel better mentally and notice an improvement in focus, experience better energy levels, and see an increase in productivity. Additionally, your sleep quality will be better, and you will also wake up less at night. Other positive long-term benefits your Naava provides you with are an improved immune system, a lower blood pressure level, and an overall happier feeling.

And hey: this medical mumbo-jumbo we are promoting is actually also backed up by science - so you don't need to take just our word for it. For your daily dose of Naava-related science, visit our Science page or check out these research summaries on how Naavas affect indoor air quality and the cognitive benefits of plants.

Naava green walls are a delight for all sensesTake it to the extreme by surrounding yourself with multiple Naavas.

After Month 1: Healthy, Harmonious Coexistence


Ultimately, as time goes by, your Naava will become a normal part of your everyday life. The positive effects your Naava is providing you with will become self-evident to you. You might start thinking about getting another Naava for a different room or to keep your Naava company - it’s surprisingly easy to get hooked! 


Of course, this article only scratched the surface when it comes to acquiring a Naava. After all, everyone experiences things in their own way and might have a somewhat different experience. Thus, all that is left to do is for you to begin your very own Naava journey. Are you up for it? 


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