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Pori, Finland

Established in 2006, Aspa Palvelut Oy is a Finnish provider of housing services, offering homes and services that promote independent living and support for those in need of assistance nationwide. Aspa Palvelut Oy is a social enterprise owned 100% by the Aspa Foundation, and its services are provided through 40 Aspa homes to approximately 1600 clients. The company employs around 400 personnel.

Responsibility is at the core of Aspa Group's operations and one of its key values. Aspa has adopted a mission-driven strategy where responsibility is integrated into core decisions and practices. This mindset is also evident in Aspa's concept and choice of partners. Aspa has piloted the use of Naava green walls as part of its concept in its new Aspa homes, as Naava aligns well with Aspa's values and concept by promoting responsibility in business and circular economy.

Naava green walls can be found in both of Aspa's units in Pori – Aspa-koti Karjaranta and Aspa-koti Valtti. The Naavas are located in common areas in both units, where they are used daily by Aspa's clients and staff. Naavas were chosen as interior elements to create coziness, improve air quality, and to establish a homely atmosphere in the common area, all in their natural essence.

Interior designer Johanna Lehmuskallio has played a key role in designing new Aspa's homes and facilities. Her contribution has been crucial in integrating Naava into both existing and new spaces. Johanna and Naava have together created innovative and functional space solutions that have brought new vitality and user-friendliness to the nursing homes. Johanna recommended Naava to Aspa, and based on the comparison, it became clear to Aspa that Naava is clearly ahead of other industry players, particularly in its air purification efficiency and technological solutions.

"We chose Naava based on its positive feedback, which is not surprising, as Naavas have sparked interest and admiration among various groups at Aspa, whether they are clients, employees, or other stakeholders."

- Jouni Salonen, Dircetor, Aspa-koti Valtti

"Naava green walls have brought a pleasant and somewhat warmer atmosphere to the common area where they are located. Naava's green walls are generally aesthetically pleasing in indoor spaces."

- Jere Wesselin, Lead Instructor, Aspa-koti Karjaranta

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