Naava & COOR Biophilic office design (4)
Naava & COOR Biophilic office design (1)
Naava & COOR Biophilic office design (2)


Oslo, Norway

Coor is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics, offering all the facility management services necessary for a company or public body to work smoothly and efficiently.

Sustainability is a key focus area at Coor—for us, sustainability includes business, social and environmental aspects. At Coor, we include sustainability in everything we do. We set clear and measurable targets for our social and environmental sustainability work—like we’ve always done in our business operations.

A great indoor environment is important for ensuring employee well-being, which is why COOR chose Naava's for their office. They create an attractive environment to work in as well as purify the air and increase humidity in a way normal green walls doesn’t do. Naava's also function as room dividers to optimize space utilization.

If you want to see COOR /NAAVA showroom. The address is Vollsveien 6, 1366 Lysaker

How to book the Naava COOR Showroom

If you book the meeting room you can email, If there are questions you can email or ask the receptionist Danilo

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