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Stockholm, Sweden

Flowlife is a Swedish company focusing on physical wellbeing solutions with Massage and Recovery products. They wanted to ensure the premises of their employees reflect their values as a company by selecting solutions that support their health and wellbeing at the office. As a part of creating an attractive, well-functioning space, good air quality and psychological benefits of adding nature indoors were implemented with Naava's biophilic, space dividing solutions.

Flowlife's headquarters at Stockholm seamlessly combines open office with recreational areas. Separating the different areas from each other, Naava Duo models along with the Naava Oasis space dividing elements create a visually interesting and well functioning space. The whole design of the office has been made according to biophilic principles, adding elements that foster the needs of people functioning within it. The attractive space features bold but natural colors, lush green of the big plant surfaces, as well as natural materials, such as veneer, that is used in different surfaces as well as the Oasis dividers.

Naava Oasis has been designed to fit beautifully with the free-standing green walls, creating separation to open spaces without confining them.

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