Food Folk McDonalds with Naava green walls (2)
Food Folk McDonalds with Naava green walls (5)
Food Folk McDonalds with Naava green walls (3)
Food Folk McDonalds with Naava green walls (4)
Food Folk McDonalds with Naava green walls (6)
Food Folk McDonalds with Naava green walls (1)

Food Folk

Helsinki, Finland

The headquarters of Food Folk Finland Oy (McDonald’s Finland) is located in Meilahti, Helsinki. The office building stands out in the cityscape due to its unique round shape.

The recently renovated premises are divided into functional workspace as well as break and lounge areas. Green walls are located in the working area, providing users with comfort as both room dividers and interior elements that enhance privacy and a sense of tranquility for work. The Naava green walls beautifully complement the curved shape of the office and rhythmically divide the space throughout the working area. 

Greenery has always played a vital role in the interior design of Food Folk's Helsinki office. As part of the office renovation, it was decided to amplify the presence of plants. Smart green walls were used to activate several elements that enhance employee well-being, including comfort, space division, acoustics, and natural air purification. The employees have positively embraced the green walls. The sound of trickling water during Naava's automatic watering brings a relaxing and focus-enhancing atmosphere to the office.


"The presence of green walls within the space brings forth a delightful interior element, encompassing air purification technology and an abundant display of greenery, resulting in a perfect combination of beauty and usefulness."

Marika Ahonen
Executive Assistant


Company: Food folk
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Space: Multifunctional office


Round room that required a solution to divide space and bring privacy between working stations.


4 double-sided Naava Duos were brought to the multifunctional office. They function as space dividers, but thanks to their roller platforms, they can be easily moved and thus the entire space can be quickly transformed according to its needs.

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