ICT Group

Stockholm, Sweden

ICT Group is a global company. The company's vision is to provide sustainable business opportunities by giving everyone access to good products and education.

To create an inspiring, healthy, and beautiful office solution at its Swedish head office, ICT Group chose 14 Naava units for its indoor spaces.

“For us, the Naavas are about much more than just greenery and design. The green walls improve air quality while the green vegetation contributes to a calmer office. Above all, we are constantly reminded of our Naavas because we have many suppliers and customers visiting us and pointing out how beautiful and appealing our green walls are.

A big advantage is also that with the Naava Service, taking care of the green walls is very easy. The Service team is always incredibly knowledgeable and service-minded. We are very happy with our Naava solutions and strongly recommend them also to other companies."
- Vanessa Wikmark, Office Manager Stockholm, ICT Scandinavia

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