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Espoo & Oulu, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden

Established in 2003, iLOQ is a Finnish technology company specializing in digital locking and secure access control systems, utilizing mobile technology to eliminate the need for traditional keys. Their products benefit a wide range of customers, including commercial buildings, residential properties, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and industrial sites.

iLOQ is committed to creating an exceptional employee experience that fosters a strong sense of community and interpersonal relationships. They prioritize cleanliness, aesthetics, and a welcoming atmosphere within their office spaces, making Naava green walls perfect for combining vibrant visuals with well-being-focused function. Furthermore, like Naava, iLOQ values sustainability and seeks to integrate environmentally friendly solutions into its operations.

Naava's green walls paired perfectly with iLOQ's vision, combining air purification benefits with visually appealing design elements. Partnering with Naava was a natural choice for iLOQ to pursue products to make their offices more human-friendly and inviting,  strengthening their work community after the pandemic.

Naava green walls are installed in three different iLOQ office locations: Oulu and Espoo in Finland, and Stockholm in Sweden. Each of these premises has unique architectural designs and functional requirements and utilizes Naavas in different ways to best suit the needs of each location. When iLOQ upgraded its premises, one of its priorities was investing in social gathering and meeting spaces that would promote communal activity and collaboration.

The headquarters in Oulu features five Naava One models located in recreational spaces and the cafeteria's dining area, providing a refreshing and serene atmosphere for employees during breaks. Their premises in Espoo utilizes five Naava One Classics throughout an open office, promoting clean air and well-being while fostering collaboration and creativity at the heart of the functional working space.


"As a longstanding customer of Naava, we have consistently been impressed with the quality of their green walls and the expertise of their team. Naava's products have improved the aesthetics and natural serenity of our office. We appreciate the exceptional service we receive from Naava, and their commitment to sustainability aligns with our company values. Overall, we are delighted with Naava as a reliable and eco-friendly provider of green walls."

"We have really enjoyed the Naava products, and they have received positive attention from our customers and even our founder. The maintenance service has worked well. They bring a lot of light and greenery to our premises and are much more visually impressive than the typical houseplants you see in many offices!"

- Kaisa Wallin, Executive Assistant, iLOQ Finland.


In Stockholm, iLOQ's office embraces the multifunctional benefits of Naava walls, housing a Naava Flow Duo as a space divider, as well as a Naava One model, providing a welcoming and fresh environment for employees and visitors alike.


"Our office space in Stockholm aims to be clean, inviting, and distinctly representative of iLOQ. Not only do Naava's green walls efficiently provide us with clean and pure air, they have also added a beautiful touch to our open space. We have utilized them as space dividers, acoustic elements, and visually appealing air purifiers. Naava's service has been exceptional, with a professional and friendly team always ready to assist."

- Monica Andersson, Sales, iLOQ Sweden.


Naava's green walls have seamlessly integrated into iLOQ's premises, aligning with their company values and enhancing the overall employee experience. The multiple benefits provided by Naava's products, including air purification, aesthetic appeal, and a sense of natural serenity, have made them an ideal choice for iLOQ's recreational spaces, communal areas, and open office environments.

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