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Lempäälä, Finland

Established over a hundred years ago, Kiilto is a Finnish family-owned company that employs more than 1000 people in the Baltic Sea region. Kiilto is aiming to be the most sustainable company in the chemical industry and is actively invested in improving workplace well-being, encouraging outside-the-box thinking, and developing its sustainability practices. Environmental sustainability is a topic deeply present in everyday decision-making at Kiilto.

When Kiilto was renewing its premises in Lempäälä, near Tampere, it was important that the spaces would reflect the company's sustainable development values while also being functional, cozy, and welcoming. The building was designed according to biophilic design principles with spaces and materials being inspired by nature's colours and shapes. The acoustics of the space were also considered when choosing materials and space dividing solutions. The result: a harmonious entity that fosters well-being and happiness among employees.

Altogether, there are 8 Naava green walls in different parts of the building such as in the cafeteria lobby and near conference tables. The green walls have been arranged to form stunning visual elements that delight as many spectators as possible.

"The green walls make our office spaces more enjoyable and provide us with a touch of nature indoors", Kiilto's Executive Assistant Anne Maurila-Kajan says.


The spaces were designed by design and architecture agency Kohina. While renewing the physical work environment, the company's work culture was simultaneously also modernized. The company wanted the spaces to feature silent areas - perfect for tasks that require concentration - but also spaces that would encourage collaboration and communication. The renewed spaces incorporate space dividing elements that foster a new, hybrid way of working.


"Kohina creates spaces that enhance well-being and creativity. Therefore, it is important to us that we use elements in our designs that foster these qualities. During the project, we also closely examined different natural materials as well as sustainability issues. We have been happy to hear that the customer has been very pleased with the outcome."

- Susanna Kallio, CEO, Kohina


Customer: Kiilto
Location: Lempäälä, Finland
Space: Headquarters
Designers: Kohina


An office building with multiple floors


Throughout the building, the adjacent Naava One green walls were used to create large and stunning nature elements.

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