Espoo, Finland

Established in 1910, KONE is a Finnish company that specializes in innovative elevator, escalator, and automatic building door solutions as well as maintenance and modernization services. 

KONE aims to design solutions that enhance the health and well-being of people, making their everyday life safer, cleaner, and smoother. This focus on health and well-being is also visible at KONE's own premises which feature multiple Naava green walls that have been acquired to improve the coziness and healthiness of the spaces. 

KONE chose Naava's green walls for their premises because the company appreciates cooperating with companies whose values are aligned with their own. Much like KONE, Naava also aims to follow the Sustainable Development Agenda in its business operations. With the help of technology and automation, Naava green walls can be remotely monitored and optimized which decreases the need for service visits and maintenance-related travelling. This model resembles the 24/7 Connected Services solution by KONE. Naava also aims to ensure that the raw materials the products are made of are being used responsibly and that the company's logistics chain is designed to be as environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient as possible. 

KONE's mission is to improve the flow of urban life. It has been predicted that by the year 2050, over two thirds of the world's population will live in cities. KONE is an expert in understanding urbanization and thus helps its customers to transform cities into better and more sustainable places to live in.

As an employer, KONE aims to provide its employees with an inspiring, cozy, and healthy work environment. Naava's green wall solutions have helped the company to achieve this.

"Now, amidst the pandemic, people have begun to appreciate comfortable and home-like spaces. We want to design a cozy and flexible work environment for our employees. Our employees admire Naava's green walls, not just because of their looks but also because of their air-purifying qualities that have proved to improve productivity and energy levels", says Timo Palmu, Head of Facilities at KONE.

KONE's sustainability focus areas are the environment, safety, quality, diversity and inclusion, as well as ethics and compliance. The company's strategy period for 2021-2024 is called ‘Sustainable success with customers’. During this strategy period, KONE focuses on expanding customer value with its new, smart solutions and by embedding its sustainable principles even deeper into all aspects of its business. The goal: making cities better places to live in.


Customer: KONE
Location: Espoo, Finland
Space: Kone HQ Keilasatama
Designers: Workspace, Pinto Design, and Kinnarps


An 18-floor office building with i.a. open office spaces and a lunch restaurant


20 Naavas were brought into KONE's headquarters in Espoo. The Naava One models with magnetic whiteboards and Naava Duo models with plants on both sides act as space diving elements in open office areas while the side-to-side arranged Naava One models delight diners at the lunch restaurant.

KONE Industrial Oy in Hyvinkää, Finland also showcases 18 Naava products.

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