Naava greenwalls at Muji restaurant (1)


Helsinki, Finland

MUJI Kamppi spans 3,600 square meters and is located in the heart of Helsinki, on the fourth floor of the shopping center. It is the largest MUJI store in Europe, offering the widest selection of products. Inside the store, there is a MUJI Restaurant that blends Japanese and local elements in both its decor and cuisine. The restaurant provides guests with Japanese culinary experiences using domestic and seasonal ingredients.

The interior design of the MUJI Restaurant uniquely combines old wooden structures with elements of Finnish nature. Both customers and staff have praised the cozy atmosphere of the store and restaurant, achieved through meticulous design. MUJI has observed that the connection to nature is very important to Finns, even indoors. Creating a nature-inspired ambiance in the restaurant and retail space is a key aspect of MUJI’s holistic customer experience. This goal has been excellently achieved with the use of Naava green walls. The presence of real plants in the store and restaurant enhances the natural and homelike feel. According to the experiences of MUJI staff, restaurant customers particularly appreciate the real greenery during the winter months.

The Naava green walls are located in the restaurant area and are evenly and thoughtfully distributed throughout the entire space. Although the seating near the green walls is popular, all restaurant guests can simultaneously enjoy the natural tranquility that the Naava green walls bring to the space. The green walls are used as space dividers, elements that provide a connection to nature, acoustic furnishings and as eye-catching green elements.

For MUJI, Naava has been an excellent choice. In addition to the excellent quality of the products, the Naava staff is attentive and knowledgeable. Furthermore, Naava's business model based on circular economy, sustainability commitments and values align perfectly with MUJI's value proposition.


"Communication during the design process was effortless, and the Naava team was highly flexible regarding changes and our specific requests. Naava's maintenance and customer service operate exceptionally well"


Before your restaurant visit, you can immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere offered by MUJI through the video below:


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