Naava viherseinät PAM ympyrätalo
Naava viherseinät PAM ympyrätalo
Naava viherseinät PAM ympyrätalo
Naava viherseinät PAM ympyrätalo
Naava viherseinät PAM ympyrätalo

Service Union United (PAM)

Helsinki, Finland

The newly renovated premises of Service Union United (PAM) are situated within the Hakaniemi Circle House, an iconic structure designed by Kajja and Heikki Siren in the 1960s, making it one of Helsinki's most recognizable landmarks. The primary objective during the planning and execution of the premises was to enhance employee well-being, strengthen the image of a modern Service Union, and adhere to the principles of sustainable development. Positioned within one of Helsinki's iconic landmarks, PAM's new office offers a blend of historical charm and contemporary functionality, easily accessible to employees due to excellent transportation connections.

PAM's completely revamped office occupies the entire eighth floor of the Circle House, providing a panoramic 360-degree view of Helsinki. The absence of assigned workstations allows each employee to select a spot upon arrival that suits their daily tasks best.

It was important for PAM to create comfortable and safe premises where employees feel good. This is strongly reflected in the versatility of the spaces. The office features multi-purpose areas, including serene retreat rooms, informal meeting spaces, and soundproofed rooms and booths for focused work. Several dozen employees work daily in PAM's Circle House offices.

Naava green wall solutions have been seamlessly integrated into the open office environment, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of the space. Naava's green walls can be found in the lobby, open workspaces, and break areas. The use of Naava green walls effectively enlivens these spaces, introducing a vibrant green element in the lobby, extending a warm welcome to both employees and visitors.

Within workspaces, Naava green walls serve as room dividers, contributing a fresh, nature-inspired ambiance to the office environment. Particularly in open workspaces, Naava plays a pivotal role in creating a tranquil atmosphere that aids concentration during demanding tasks.  In break areas, Naava complements the relaxed atmosphere while also acting as dividers between break and working areas. The role of green walls in improving acoustics ensures that conversations do not carry beyond the break areas.

"Naava's green walls significantly enhances the atmosphere of the space. Investing in the comfort of the work environment portrays the employer as caring."
- Comment from PAM employees

"When selecting partners, important values included domesticity and ethics. Naava was a clear and desired partner. And when nature was the theme we desired, Naava's easy green wall solution was a good option."
- Mikko Leskinen, Real Estate Manager


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