Promecin viihtyisissä työtiloissa on Naavan viherseinät  (2)
Promecin viihtyisissä työtiloissa on Naavan viherseinät  (3)
Promecin viihtyisissä työtiloissa on Naavan viherseinät  (1)
Promecin viihtyisissä työtiloissa on Naavan viherseinät  (6)
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Promec & Naava (6)_web


Kempele, Finland

Promec is a modern mechanical engineering company that aims to break the traditional perception of technical and performance-driven work environments. Promec's CEO, Petri Rimpeläinen, wanted their new facilities to provide a comfortable setting, focusing on employee satisfaction, with the goal of creating a "workshop 2.0."

The challenges associated with growth are familiar to Promec, which was awarded as the fastest-growing company in Northern Finland in 2022, having grown by an impressive 207 percent in three years. As a result, the company urgently needed new, larger premises. Their role was not only to bring all the company's operations under one roof but also to create spaces where employees would enjoy working.

Promec's new facilities were completed in late 2022, and full production commenced in early 2023. Now, the same building houses all of the company's functions, from machining and administration to design and assembly. The primary purpose of the workspaces is to provide employees with a place and tools for performing their tasks, but at their best, they can also support the health and well-being of the space users.

A skilled, functional, and efficient team is one of the most critical factors for a company's success. As an employer, Promec aims to stand out by investing in employee well-being, job satisfaction, and resilience, thus increasing the company's attractiveness and, on the other hand, ensuring the commitment of talented individuals. Well-designed premises were seen as an essential factor in achieving this goal. Riikka Kyllönen from Martela, who was responsible for the interior design of Promec's premises, had the opportunity to implement a comprehensive plan that was expected to offer functionality as well as aesthetics.

"The client wanted spaces that are not typically seen in the mechanical engineering industry. The end result became cozy and harmonious, and hopefully, it conveys to its users the appreciation that Promec feels for its employees."

- Riikka Kyllönen, Martela

Satisfied employees also directly impact a company's financial success. Good indoor air quality, proper lighting, ergonomic furniture, and a pleasant interior can promote health and reduce stress, which is reflected in reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, creativity, and a positive work atmosphere. Therefore, one of the first choices made regarding the interior design of the space was the inclusion of Naava green walls. Air quality and bringing nature indoors were seen as essential elements for improving the comfort of the space.

Furniture-like design, mobility, and versatility were essential aspects of the selection, as the new premises were still taking shape. Naava green walls were considered for two different purposes, and the decision was made at the last moment. They ended up becoming striking accent walls that are immediately noticeable upon entering the space. However, thanks to the rolling platforms and whiteboards on the other side of the green walls, they can also be easily and quickly moved to serve as room dividers, which was another alternative purpose for their use.

"When the product was introduced to me, the final decision to acquire Naava was influenced by its indoor air purification features. The Naava green walls are noticed first in the space, and we have received positive feedback about them. We are extremely satisfied with the acquisition."

- Petri Rimpeläinen, CEO Promec

Promec aims to be a trailblazer in workplace design in the mechanical engineering industry, with its own modern, inspiring spaces that attract top talent and promote the company's success.


Company: Professional Mechanics Finland Ltd.
Location: Kempele, Finland
Facility: Office building
Interior design: Martela


The newly constructed facility of Professional Mechanics Finland Ltd. in Kempele, Finland consists of an open office space, workrooms, coffee and break areas, as well as a hall. The design of these spaces was prioritized with a focus on employee comfort and well-being.


The spaces were furnished with Martela's ergonomic furniture, and two Naava One green walls were incorporated into the design. The green walls are placed side by side to create an eye-catching focal point. Additionally, they are equipped with rolling platforms and magnetic whiteboards, allowing them to be easily moved and utilized in various ways throughout the office.

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