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Espoo, Finland

Säterinportti's office campus in Espoo was designed to offer businesses more than just squares but a space where working and spending time in would promote the well-being of all residents. As a sign of succeeding in its ambitious goal, Säterinportti was the first facility in Finland to be awarded the international WELL certificate.

Trevian Asset Management, which implemented the concept, wanted to pay special attention to indoor air quality, ventilation, and the right kind of lighting. Naava was a perfect solution to fully support the goals of the facilities, with 11 of the green walls being placed across the building from the gym area to the lobby and coffee rooms.

"With Naava, we wanted to invest in the comfort and good air quality of Säterinportti's facilities. Our goal was to provide users with an environment that supports their health and well-being. We have been very satisfied with the service we received and of course with the products themselves."

- Antti Venermo, Trevian Asset Management Oy


Customer: Trevian
Location: Espoo, Finland
Space: Säterinportti office campus
Designers: Trevian Asset Management


Säterinportti's office campus aimed to create the most human-friendly working space for their customers.


Naava green walls and furniture were used throughout the first floor of the building, including the lobby, the cafeteria, lunch and recreational areas as well as the gym.

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