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Helsinki, Finland

Interior architects Gullstén & Inkinen renewed SEB’s premises to cater to the needs of the work community together with SEB’s staff.

SEB wanted to create a workplace worth coming into instead of working from home. The new heart of the workplace was created into the entrance floor, where you can stop and have breakfast with your colleagues or customers. Usually a space like that is only in active use for a fraction of the day. Naavas were brought in to maximize the use of the space.

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“Even though I meet people all the time in my job, I would say that I now have double the amount of conversations here than I used to.”
- Salla Nyqvist, HR Business Partner, SEB 


Customer: SEB
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Space: Working café
Designers: Gullstén & Inkinen


SEB wanted to make its working environment as attractive and comfortable for their employees as possible to encourage collaboration and spending more time in the office.


Free standing Naava One -models offer privacy to the cafeteria booths while preserving the openness of the space.

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