Helsinki, Finland

As one of the leading technology companies in the world, Siemens combines the real and digital worlds to empower and transform the 'everyday' for billions of people. Siemens’ headquarters in Espoo has been designed according to Siemens' company values, which are visible through an emphasis on technology and sustainability. Naava’s smart green walls were an obvious addition to ramp up the high-standard premises to an even higher level of quality.

Siemens’ office building is located in the Voltti building of the Derby Business Park in Espoo. They hold a Platinum LEED certification and have won the title for “Most Comfortable and Energy Efficient Building in Finland 2014” organised by the Green Building Council Finland.

Key factors when building sustainable and human-friendly environments are smart solutions that guarantee healthy indoor air, a comfortable temperature, and purposeful lighting. A greener indoor environment entails everything from material choices to the physical and psychological well-being of employees.

Naava’s air purifying green walls were a great fit to complement the focus of the premises. By using technology, the Naava’s purify and humidify indoor air, making them an automated solution for bringing nature’s benefits indoors. Naava’s furniture-like functionalities are utilized as space dividing elements in Siemens' open offices. Additionally, Naavas have been used to create areas for breaks and recovery.

"As a technology company, it is important for us that our facilities reflect our values: smart, technology-assisted, and sustainable. We value solutions that support our goal of being carbon neutral by 2030, thus underlining our vision. How the workplace feels and looks is also an important part of taking care of our employees. Feedback has been positive, both in terms of appearance and soundproofing."

- Janne Nieminen, Head of Real Estate & SCM, Siemens


Customer: Siemens
Location: Espoo, Finland
Space: Open office floor at Siemens HQ, Derby Business Park


As one of the leading technology companies in the world, Siemens wants its HQ to showcase smart solutions in all aspects of their premises.


Smart, fully automatic and air purifying green walls are leading the future of green office design. Double-sided Naava Duo models are used as space dividing elements in the open office, complimented by the lower framed Naava Flow models.

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