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Svea Bank

Helsinki, Finland

Svea Bank is part of a Swedish financial conglomerate that began in 1981 and has been operating in Finland for over 20 years. The core idea has always been enabling growth and success together with customers.
Svea's Finnish offices are located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. When moving to their current premises in 2016, it was evident that the office environment would include green walls. After exploring options and evaluating different suppliers, Svea chose Naava products. Over the years, as the office space and staff increased, there was a need for renovation. The old products were updated, and at the same time, the number of green walls was doubled.

Svea particularly values the effortless maintenance of Naava products: servicing and refilling water tanks as part of the service agreement is straightforward and goes unnoticed, except for the cheerful attitude of Naava's employees during service visits.

"Naavas often spark positive conversations, both among the staff and with customers and other visitors. Specifically, this means praising good air quality in the spaces where we have Naavas. But at the same time, they provide a concrete connection to our corporate culture: instead of just talking about Svea and being Svea-like, Naavas help us show what that means. We Svea folks warmly recommend Naavas for both office and home use. What could be better than an air-purifying, striking interior element?"

- Jukka Rytkönen, CFO, Svea Bank

We also asked Patrik Ekman, Svea's Director of Business Development, for his thoughts on green interior design in office spaces.

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