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Swappie office
Swappie office
Swappie office
Swappie office


Helsinki, Finland

Swappie is a growth company founded in Finland in 2016, specializing in buying, refurbishing, and selling used iPhones. Promoting circular economy is at the core of Swappie's operations, guiding them in their mission to make refurbished electronics mainstream. Swappie's refurbished iPhone purchasing and selling process has already attracted over a million satisfied customers worldwide.

Swappie's headquarters is located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, with office space spanning two different floors. occupying two separate floors. Each floor has been customized for its particular purpose, with distinct characteristics and atmospheres.

The naavas are situated on the seventh floor of the building, in a lounge-style space where employees gather during breaks or while working. This versatile and relaxed environment offers comfort, enhanced by the natural and refreshing addition of Naavas' greenery. In addition to the Naavas, the cozy space features other elements supporting employee well-being, such as a workout corner and a relaxation room equipped with a massage chair and nap area. The space also offers beautiful views of Helsinki, and weather permitting, employees can enjoy the scenery from the spacious terrace on the same floor.

Naava's green walls serve as acoustic elements, bring a touch of nature into the space, and contribute to air quality, freshness, and overall comfort. The striking green element of Naava adds a natural and refreshing ambiance to the space, attracting employees to gather around it.

The client's business focuses on product reuse, with a strong emphasis on promoting circular economy principles, which is reflected in their office space. Partners like Naava, who prioritize sustainable development and environmental responsibility in their business practices, are a natural fit for Swappie.


"The utilization of naavas in Swappie's work environment has worked wonderfully. They bring a sense of nature to the spaces and improve air quality, which enhances the well-being of the employees. Naava's maintenance service and customer support have been seamless and proactive. It's a pleasure to collaborate with like-minded individuals!"

- Emma Wheatley, Community Coordinator, Swappie

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