Naava & Mika Ihamuotila at Urban3


Helsinki, Finland

KIRAHub's Urban3 is a bright and fresh coworking space in one of Europe's biggest start-up hubs Maria01 in Helsinki, Finland. As an old hospital that has been transformed into office spaces, the building offers unique opportunities and challenges. The renewal of the protected building was limited to the restoration and usage of smart furniture choices. Designed by Mint & More, inclusivity and sustainability are visible in the end result that aims to bring people together, inspire new ideas, and strengthen the community. Naava green walls are an integral part of the solution, providing versatility and bringing in the lush beauty of nature.

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Photos by Esa Kapila, Siru Heiskanen


Customer: Kirahub
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Space: Urban3 coworking space in Maria01 Start-up hub
Designers: Mint & More Creative


An old, protected hospital building that was turned into office spaces needed a renewal to better suit its new purpose. The goal was to create an interactive space that encourages social gatherings.


The restoration of the space and modern furniture choices gave the space a new life. Two Naava One models now divide the space, providing versatility with their magnetic whiteboards.

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