The Science and Future of Healthy Buildings 2022: The Future of Learning Spaces

This international webinar takes a science-based Nordic approach on Sustainable and Accessible Future Learning Spaces.

The Science and Future of Healthy Buildings is the leading Webinar series in Europe. It's brought to you by leading Nordic companies Naava, Signify, and Kinnarps.


Welcome to a digital webinar where we will find out how one piece of the puzzle, the physical environment, can help create sustainable and accessible learning spaces that improve learning.

Our schools are one of our most essential environments in society. It is where our children spend most of their waking time and where they should have the desire to learn and be prepared for the future. The schools' mission is to promote all students' learning and give them the best opportunity to reach their full potential. It is a complex task, and several factors affect how well a school succeeds.  

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What to expect from this webinar?

In order to design well-functioning environments for optimized learning, the pedagogical, physical, and social environments need to interact and work harmoniously. 

This hour special Learning Spaces Edition of the Science and Future of Healthy Buildings Webinar brings insights and inspiration for people running or developing learning environments globally.

We are proud to have representatives from pioneering global companies driving the sustainable learning spaces movement, helping our children and youth be healthier, happier, and more sustainable.


Attend our webinar to gain valuable insights from the free pioneering webinar series. The Future of Learning Spaces Edition is organized before the main webinar.


: Thursday, February 10th

Time: 11:00 to 12:30 Finnish time (GMT +2)
           10:00 to 11:30 Swedish time (GMT +1)

Location: Online - Sign up to register! Once you have signed up, you will receive an attendance link before the webinar.

Webinar recording: Not able to attend but still interested? Don't worry - we will send everyone a link to the webinar recording after the event.

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Webinar timetable (Swedish time, gmt+1)

10:00 - 10:10 Introduction, Beata Wickbom

10:10 - 10:30  How interior design can help minimize distractions to promote well-being, safety, and focus on learning, Jonas Larsson, Johanna Walden and Hjärnberikad

10:30 - 10:40 Brain Break, Hjärnberikad

10:40 - 11:00 Improving educational environments through lighting and IoT, Elina Dayanova - Signify

11:00 - 11:20 The science of human-friendly classrooms, Aki Soudunsaari -  Naava

11:20 - 11:30 Ending, Beata Wickbom



Beata Vikbom

Beata Wickbom


For over 20 years Beata has helped traditional companies and organizations understand digital opportunities.  She has been moderating more than 500 different event and in 2019 she was became speaker of the year. Her special areas are innovation, AI and change management. Beata is also a co-founder of HejDigitalt and SPRAY.


Jonas Larsson

Segment Responsible Education Kinnarps

Focusing on the physical environments effects on learning Jonas leads the range development for the education sector at Kinnarps. He has a bachelor's degree in furniture design and product development and has worked within the furniture business for almost a decade. Coming from working as a product developer himself he has great knowledge of how to convert great ideas and turn them into reality to support and improve our everyday learning spaces together with leading experts.

Ulrika Ahlqvist & Linda Bellvik


Ulrika Ahlqvist and Linda Bellvik, founders of Hjärnberikad AB, are both educators who chose to change from the teaching profession to the business world to spread knowledge and inspiration about the brain and learning. Building good learning environments and creating learning organizations has become Hjärnberikad's area of expertise, now with more than 10 years of experience of working both as inspirers, process leaders and coaches. The collaboration with some of Sweden's foremost brain researchers has resulted in many enriching projects, trainings and lectures throughout Sweden and also abroad.


Elina Dayanova


Global director at Signify, responsible for Healthcare  and Education business verticals. Elina holds a master’s degree from National Research University – Higher School of Economics, was part of a research group for Economics of Education. Elina has over 15 years of experience in market research and over 10 years of experience in systems and services business, including research and development.



Aki Soudunsaari

Co-founder & Strategy leader at Naava

Aki (M.Sc. Health, PhD Candidate Economics) is the Co-Founder & Head of Strategy at Naava. Health-related serial entrepreneur, behavioural scientist, head of school. On a mission to improve people’s and the planet’s health, happiness and performance. Passionate about human behavior, biohacking, teams, learning, leadership, and company culture.