Naava N-series

Best made better

The new Naava N-series updates the whole product family to reach our elevated standards of quality and sustainable values. Naava's minimalistic design has been finished with polished details, while the technology hidden inside the frame is now even smarter and user-friendlier.

Design inspired by nature

Naava's design showcases the colors and shapes of Nordic nature. The minimal form of the frame is slimmer and more elegant compared to their predecessors. Filling the water tank has been made more comfortable with a plug located at the top of the tank, or in the Naava One Slim model, hidden in the front panel among the plants. The frame is made of aluminium, available in snow white or graphite black.

Green, greener, Naava

Our increased standards of sustainability are present in each step of the lifecycle of our products starting from manufacturing and continuing all the way.  We have reduced the amount of emissions from shipping by improving the packaging of the product and streamlining the logistics chain. The updates on the hardware guarantee a longer technological lifetime for all our products.

The new Naava N-series uses less raw materials and the materials used are easier to recycle. We co-operate with local companies and organizations to donate healthy cuttings of plants to charity and to resell used products.


• 45% less raw materials
• 49% less aluminium
• 45% less plastic
• 48% less electronical material


Enhanced user-experience

It is now easier than ever to communicate with your plants. With one look the green N-light tells you your Naava is doing good and using the Naava Application you can monitor its functions in real-time. Over-the-air updates keep making your Naava smarter. With Naava you will never have to worry about killing your plants.

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