Our procedures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Health and well-being of our customers and employees are our top priority. This shows not only through our products and service but is involved in all aspects we do. We have been taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We help our customers to design indoor environments that provide distance and privacy from their premises. You can read more about the health effects of the navel and the design of healthier interiors in our article: https://www.naava.io/editorial/healthier-workplaces. We have taken the changed situation of public and working environments into account. Remote control of our products has allowed us to ensure that our products stay healthy and function correctly by applying a water-saving mode in those premises where filling the water tanks of the products have not been possible.

An internal workgroup has been set up at Naava to monitor the regulations and guidelines related to the coronavirus, to make instructions and to communicate them both within the company and to our customers. Our company also has its own communication channel to deal with matters related to the coronavirus for discussion and sharing relevant information.

Our employees have been instructed to pay attention to the symptoms and to remain home and test themselves in case of any suspect of symptoms or possible exposure. Our office space has been redesigned to support social distance, and we encourage remote working for whom it is possible. We follow good hand hygiene and have improved the cleanliness of our premises and equipment.

Maintenance and installations

We contact our customers before service visits to receive their respective guidelines and precautions. Our employees do not work when sick. We take care of good hand hygiene and safety distances. If safety distances cannot be guaranteed, we will use a face mask during our stay on the premises.

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