Former Kone and Framery execs join Naava

Press release June 13, 2018


Naava, Finnish cleantech company known for its air-purifying green walls, accelerates growth and deepens its roots in the furniture business by appointing a new board as well as a new US sales director.

The new chair of the Naava board in the next term is Arttu Salmenhaara, who has a long career at one of the most successful Finnish companies, elevator company Kone, especially in Asia-Pacific and Middle East. Also joining the board as a new member is Ossi Paija under whose leadership office furniture company Framery experienced hockey-stick growth in the US. Members continuing on the board are: Juho Risku from Butterfly Ventures, Peter Scialla from Delos,  Johan Hammaren, a founding member of Fondia law firm; and Naava’s co-founder and chief technology officer Niko Järvinen.

Naava was very familiar to Arttu Salmenhaara, as he’s been an angel investor for a few years: “Together with the board and the committed management team we’re developing the building blocks for Naava’s next growth phase. My over 20 years’ of experience from a similar business model at Kone will be of great help: we’re also selling a product combined with service in the built environment. On a personal level, I’ve seen first hand what unhealthy air and disconnection from nature due to urbanisation can do to people. The need for a functional and visual product like Naava is immense. As the modern human spends so much time indoors, the built environment should be designed to be as natural and wellness-enhancing as possible.”

Moreover, Naava has also appointed Kati Suomi as the new VP Sales Partnerships in the US and member of the global management team. She joins Naava from Framery where she lead US sales. Before that, she worked at another furniture company Martela and therefore knows the ins and outs of the furniture business. Her trade experience and existing networks in the US help Naava bring a breath of fresh air to American offices:

“I was truly impressed by seeing Naava green walls in the hustle and bustle of New York City and realized how much I miss fresh air and green nature in big cities. I’m excited to help Americans improve their health and wellbeing with the help of nature. Naava’s green wall is a unique and exciting innovation that combines design and technology with nature. Tech innovations involving nature are the next big thing.”

“With the help of our new talent, Naava will grow to be a normal piece of furniture turning offices and in the future, homes, into the great indoors. Arttu Salmenhaara and Kati Suomi have extensive experience in international growth. In addition, under Olli Paija’s guidance Framery grew from half a million in sales to 40 million euros in 4 years. Our ambition level is the same,” said Naava Co-founder and CEO Aki Soudunsaari.


  • Since 2012, Naava has delivered over 1000 intelligent green walls in Finland, Sweden and the USA.
  • Naava is no ordinary green wall: it's a biological air purifier, humidifier, living wall and space divider all in one.
  • Naava is easily movable and fully automated. A piece of wellness furniture awarded with several design and innovation awards.
  • Naava is the Finnish name for beard moss that only grows in clean air environments where the air quality is unspoiled by humans. Naava green wall is also a guarantee for the best possible air.


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Watch Naava’s founder and CEO Aki Soudunsaari explain why Naava exists.


Aki Soudunsaari, Co-founder and CEO, Naava,, +358 (0) 40 822 6322

Arttu Salmenhaara, Chair of the Board,, +358505205970, (Indonesia +6282145095531)

Kati Suomi, VP Sales Partnerships,, +358 40 727 6488 (US: +1 617 504 6338)

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